Story from the Buddha School: Only Being Concerned about Others Even In the Midst of Danger

PureInsight | January 12, 2004

[] In the Jin Dynasty, a man named Zhang Chong lived in the city of Chang'an. He believed in Buddhas and prayed every day. A civil war broke out, and thousands of people fled from Chang'an. The refugees were captured by the army of a warlord, who slaughtered the men and carried off the women.

Zhang Chong was also among the captured. The soldiers tightly bound his hands and feet and buried the lower part of his body. They planned to make an entertainment of shooting at him as they rode by on horseback the next day. Zhang Chong thought that he was going to die. He sincerely prayed to Bodhisattva Guanyin. Suddenly, at midnight, the ropes that bound him mysteriously loosened, and a force pulled him out of the ground.

Zhang Chong tried to run away but his feet were in too much pain to run. He again prayed to Bodhisattva Guanyin from the bottom of his heart. He picked up a stone and made this wish: "I am going east of the river to report this atrocity to the Emperor of Jin so he can rescue the women who were carried off. If my wish can be realized, then may the stone be split in two." After praying, he threw the stone to the ground. The stone did indeed split in two.

Zhang Chong arrived in Beijing and made his report. The Emperor of Jin sent his men to save and console the women. He also paid a ransom in order to free the women who had already been sold.

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