An Ancient Miracle Doctor: Bian Que (I)

Xi Min

PureInsight | July 15, 2002

Bian Que was the first medical doctor in ancient Chinese history that had a formal biography written about him. The famous historian Sima Qian, who lived during the West Han dynasty, wrote Bian Que's biography. In his book An Ancient Miracle Doctor: Bian Que (I)Shi Ji: Bian Que Chronicles, Sima Qian described a wonderful story of how Bian Que was favored by the wisdom of gods and how he learned the genuine skills for becoming a doctor.

Shi Ji· Bian Que Chronicles reads, "A visitor named Changshang Jun once stopped by and stayed in Bian Que's inn for some time. Bian Que had a marvelous air about him and treated Changshang Jun with high respect. Changshang Jun also knew that Bian Que was a remarkable person." From this statement we can see that Changshang Jun's meeting with Bian Que did not occur by accident. Both of them were extraordinary people. How do we know? "Only Bian Que felt marvelous about Chang Shang Jun", and "Chang Shang Jun also knew that Bian Que was an unusual person". That is to say both of them knew the other party was remarkable. The reason that Changshang Jun went to live in Bian Que's inn was probably because he wanted to teach him medical skills. After Changshang Jun observed Bian Que for more than ten years, he decided to teach Bian Que his medical skills. But these skills were so powerful that modern people could not accept them. Changshang Jun "took the medicine from his safekeeping and gave it to Bian Que. He said, 'Take this with water that has never touched the ground. After 30 days you should be able to see hidden objects.' Then he took out all his secret medical formulas and books, and handed them to Bian Que." Bian Que took the medicine according to Changshang Jun's instructions and after 30 days, "[could] see people through a wall. When looking at patients, he saw where diseases infected their bodies. Hence he called it 'Zhen Mai'." These passages from the original biography tell us that Bian Que was capable of observing objects through barriers such as walls. When he used his supernormal ability to diagnose sick people, he could see all the internal organs inside their bodies and knew where illnesses resided. From then on, Bian Que started to see patients in Qi and Zhao Counties. He called such methods "Zhen Mai", meaning internal observation. Therefore, we can see that Bian Que deserved the title of the founder of Chinese traditional "energy channel" science.

From this story we learned that Bian Que's medical skills were not obtained from studying textbooks, but from a divine being who opened his Celestial Eye, which gave him the supernormal capability of seeing through human bodies. He also obtained medicinal formulas from the book that the divine being gave to him. Why do we say that it was a divine being who taught Bian Que his medical skills? Because after Changshang Jun told him what to do, he "disappeared immediately. It is for sure he was not an ordinary person". Therefore, it is not strange that we call Bian Que a miracle doctor. What else would you call one with such extraordinary abilities?

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