Concerning Sleep and Time

PureInsight | April 12, 2004

[] Each genuine Falun Dafa practitioner knows to seize the remaining time in the Fa-rectification period and do the three things that Master has asked us to do, studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. Practitioners all over the world send righteous thoughts together at the same time four times a day. If they wish to follow the global schedule of sending forth righteous thoughts, some practitioners might have to get up hours before dawn when people are most sleepy. I have learned from exchanging cultivation experiences with practitioners from different areas that some practitioners often miss one out of the four opportunities each day to send righteous thoughts along with practitioners all over the world. For example, practitioners in the central time zone of the U.S. are supposed to send forth righteous thoughts along with practitioners all over the world everyday at 4 A.M. It is easy to feel sleepy then. Sometimes the alarm clocks do wake them up and they do struggle to send forth righteous thoughts, but they often fail to focus their thoughts because they are not fully awake. Consequently, their efforts to SFRT are often less effective. I would like to share my humble understanding on the subject of sleep with fellow practitioners.

I was illegally arrested and thrown into prison by Jiang Zemin's regime because I tried to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, urging the end of the persecution against Falun Dafa. I was subject to various types of tortures while I was in prison. Over a period of four months, I basically wasn't allowed to get any sleep at all. Although I suffered a lot, I refused to give in. Instead, I remained steadfast in my belief in Falun Dafa and was eventually released from prison. After I returned home, I immediately resumed my efforts to clarify the truth. During the ensuing period of time, I had problems with sleeping too much. I couldn't complete many important projects because I often overslept.

Through studying the Fa, I have come to realize that sleep is a necessary element in our world. In other words, it is also a God. Although I do not know what kind of state Gods and Buddhas outside the Three Realms are in, I know that human beings need sleep. I believe in the new cosmos of the future, sleep will still be a factor and will still restrain human beings. It is impossible for a person not to need to sleep over a long period of time. When the old forces were planning tribulations for Dafa, they must have arranged for degenerate Buddhas, Taos and Gods from the old universe to enter into the Three Realms and interfere with Teacher's Fa-rectification,. I believe that one of these dark minions of the old forces might be "sleep," a God from the old, degenerate cosmos. It makes us "feel" sleepy when we study the Fa, practice the Falun Gong exercises, or send forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes the "sleep God" may cause us to feel reluctant to get up from the bed and thus oversleep. I don't believe that the "sleep God" in the new cosmos, who will be a righteous God that has completely assimilated to the Fa, would try to interfere with our doing the three things. That is because Teacher has granted us the important mission of clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa and saving sentient beings. Therefore, I personally feel that anything that interferes with us when we try to study the Fa, practice the exercises and send righteous thoughts must be dark minions behind the scenes.

After coming to this realization, each time I send righteous thoughts, I specifically eliminate the dark minions of the old forces, including the "sleep God" from the old, degenerate cosmos. The effect has been quite good. Nowadays when I study the Fa, practice the exercises, send righteous thoughts and clarify the truth, I never feel sleepy. I don't even feel sleepy while doing my day job. Sometimes I work on Dafa projects until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. In order not to miss the next opportunity to send righteous thoughts along with practitioners all over the world, sometimes I stay up and just don't go to bed. Sometimes I stay up two to three nights in a row and don't feel sleepy at all. I feel completely rejuvenated as long as I can find three or four hours to sleep.

I believe that the same situation applies to the "God of time." I feel that the God who is in charge of time is also a part of the old forces and they use the dark minions to interfere with Dafa disciples. I used to encounter a problem where a day would fly by quickly after I had done only a few things. For example, in the past, sometimes it would take me more than two hours to finish reading a lecture in Zhuan Falun. Over this recent period of time, when I send righteous thoughts, I specifically target the God of time who has degenerated and is now a dark minion of the old forces. Things soon started to improve for me. When I read Zhuan Falun these days, I am concentrating, and it now only takes me an hour to finish a lecture. In addition, I have become much more efficient when it comes to doing other normal things.

Teacher said, "For this reason, all Dafa disciples, new and veteran students alike: when you send righteous thoughts, besides the targets that you specifically lock in to, aim directly at those dark minions and completely eliminate them." (From "Eliminate the Dark Minions With Righteous Thoughts") My understanding is that when we send forth righteous thoughts, we should aim directly at those old forces' dark minions that are creating interference with our respective cultivation practices.

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