In a Few Words: Study the Fa with Respect

Tai Ping

PureInsight | April 19, 2004

[] I came across the following story while reading an ancient Chinese book entitled Tan Bin Lu.

Once upon a time during the Tang Dynasty, there lived a dedicated Confucian scholar named Xiao Deyan. Before he began his daily study of the Five Classics, Xiao Deyan would first bathe and change to a fresh set of clothes. [1] Then he would sit down, straighten his lapels and study the Five Classics, sitting with his back perfectly straight. One day his wife eventually asked him, "Isn't it uncomfortable to sit so stiffly every day while you study?" Xiao Deyan replied, "I must show respect toward Confucius' recommended books. How can I seek comfort and compromise my manners?"

The Five Classics only teach people the ways of man, but an ancient Chinese personage showed them so much respect. Now that Falun Dafa books are guiding me toward an even higher level, how can I not study the Fa with respect?

[1] The Five Classics include The Book of Changes, The Book of Documents, The Book of Songs, The Records of Rites and The Spring and Autumn Annuals, which Confucius claimed that one must study to become a learned gentleman. They were supposed to be The Six Classics except that one of them, The Book of Music, was burned during the time of the First Emperor of China's persecution of Confucian scholars. He confiscated and destroyed nearly all of Confucianism's books and had many Confucian scholars buried alive.

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