Successful 2004 Future Science and Culture Conference Held at National Taiwan University in Taiwan

Zhengjian Reporter Ms. Zhan Zh

PureInsight | May 24, 2004

[] On May 15, 2004, an eye-opening academic forum, the 2004 Future Science and Culture Conference, was held at the most prestigious university in Taiwan --- the National Taiwan University. This unique academic forum featured many original research reports. [This conference was held entirely in Chinese so we do not at present have translations of any articles for those of you who might be interested—Ed. ] It also included a Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy art exhibition and a traditional Chinese music gala.

A slide showing the necessary elements of a near-death experience (NDE)

A live demonstration

Taiwanese and overseas scholars and experts reported their scientific discoveries and new understandings of science outside the boundaries of mainstream science at the conference

During the conference, many people who originally came to participate in other seminars and speeches that were being held in the same building at the National Taiwan University ended up attending the 2004 Future Science and Culture meeting instead. They discovered that the reports were very profound yet they were able to understand and follow the presentations because the speakers used layman's terms to present their findings. The audience found these academic reports surprisingly interesting and immensely informative.

A slide showing western medicine's limited progress in treating complex illnesses

Many journalists who originally only planned to cover the first day of the forum found the academic seminar so delightful and rewarding that they decided to attend the following day as well so they could report on the 2004 Future Science and Culture Conference in its entirety. When exchanging contact information with the staff of the seminar, a reporter from Taiwan's Mingsheng Newspaper said that she was glad to learn that the importance of improving moral values was the cornerstone of the entire seminar. She added that she didn't find these academic reports boring at all because the speakers illustrated the underlying core concept from different disciplines of science. She was immensely surprised and impressed when she learned that most of the speakers at the seminars were Falun Gong practitioners who happen to be scholars and experts in various academic fields. She felt that the seminar was enveloped with harmony, kindness and good humor and that Falun Gong practitioners are not at all insane and peculiar like what she had heard from her fellow graduate students from China when she pursued graduate study overseas.

Falun Gong practitioners' artistic performances at the outdoor gala were of high quality and attracted many people strolling around the campus. Falun Gong practitioners performed dance programs and tried to show through their dances the beauty of Falun Dafa.

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