Young Practitioners' Tales: The Smile of a Tolerant Child

PureInsight | July 5, 2004

[] [Editor's Note: Minghui Dou Dou Kindergarten is a kindergarten located in Taipei, Taiwan whereas Dou Dou means "little sprouting beans" in Chinese, a common metaphor for small children. It is the first kindergarten in the world established and taught by Falun Gong practitioners, with most of its students being non-practitioners. The faculty at Minghui Dou Dou Kindergarten teaches all the students, both Falun Gong practitioners and non-practitioners, Falun Gong's cultivation principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and the non-practitioners' parents have praised Minghui Dou Dou Kindergarten's education after they witnessed the moral improvement of their non-practitioner children.]

At Minghui Dou Dou Kindergarten, Dingding sits behind an overactive child. One day, the child kept kicking Dingding in her shins. Dingding cried at first after the repeated bullying. A teacher said to Dingding, "Ding, he may be big, but he is still a child at heart. Why don't you try to forgive his behavior like you would forgive a small baby? What do you think?"

Little Dingding thought for a while, and then folded her feet under the chair. She announced in a soft voice, "This way he won't be able to kick my shins. He is a big baby. I will forgive him." Then Dingding broke into a sweet smile, pleased with her solution.

Dingding folds her feet under the chair

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