Interviews with Artists Featured in the "Uncompromising Courage" Art Exhibit - Ms. Xiao Ping

PureInsight | August 16, 2004

One Corner of the Uncompromising Courage Art Exhibit

[Editor's Note: On July 15, 16 , 2004 the art exhibit, entitled, "The Spirit of Perseverance", sponsored by Washington, DC Falun Dafa Association, formally took place at the US House of Representative Raven Building in the US Capital City of Washington, DC. The art works in the exhibit are all by Falun Gong practitioners, some of them are still illegally detained in the Chinese jails. After the last five years of cruel persecution, these artist Falun Gong practitioners hoped to use their artistry to show the world their happiness due to their righteous heart through the practice of Falun Gong, to show their indestructible righteous thought even under cruel punishment and bloody persecution, to show their unyielding pursue of the principles of the Universe: Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, and to show their firm believe that righteousness will eventually win over evilness. Each of these artists has his own specialty. They attempted to use the traditional painting technique to accomplish their purpose. We will introduce to you in next few days the artwork of each of the painters, the meaning of their work, the process of their creating, and their painting technique.]

The Interview of Ms. Xiao Ping

Reporter: Zhu Qing-ming a reporter for Zheng Jian Net/PureInsight Org
Xiao: Ms. Xiao Ping, artist

Reporter: Would you please tell us about your experience with painting?

Xiao: My experience can be divided into two parts, in China and abroad. Since I was small, about 6 years old, I was very fond of painting. At the age of 15, I studied under a teacher who specialized in landscapes. I studied traditional Chinese painting with him for four years. When I was 10, I studied calligraphy under a famous teacher. What I learned is called, "Yuan Ti." In high school, I studied sketching, and received the basic training for painting. I took the art college entrance exam and got third in the ranking. But with limited openings they only took one student from my district. Perhaps it was the prearrangement of my fortune that I lost that opportunity. Later, in about 1992, I decided to go abroad.

Reporter: What was your painting experience abroad?

Xiao: After I went abroad, I studied the art of China at the University of Maryland. I also studied watercolor and water crayon. I created quite a few artworks during that time, mostly related to the local people and scenery. I lived there for many years. I studied, lived, worked there, and was in contact with many local people. I was quite interested in my surroundings as painting subjects.

Reporter: Do you mainly do Chinese painting and watercolors? Did you ever do oil painting?

Xiao: When I was learning the basic painting skill in China, I studied colors, using basically water crayon painting. I did not have much contact with oil painting then.

Reporter: What year did you started practicing Falun Dafa?

Xiao: I started in May 1999.

Reporter: It has been five years. What effect did practicing in Falun Dafa have on your understanding of painting and painting technique?

Xiao: Because of my cultivation practice in Falun Dafa, I feel my painting is freer compared to what I painted before. I feel my altitude has become purer and purer. In the past, my purpose for painting was to be a good painter, became famous, and, at an old age, to harvest both fame and money. My friends expected me to do that too. "Ah, Xiao Ping, One of those days when you become famous, your paintings that I collected will be worth a lot." Of course, I did not really think about that. But I did study hard by myself or by taking classes with such a motive. After I started cultivation practice, I learned that this is not the purpose for a human being's life. There are better things that are worthy of our pursuit. In the past I did landscape Chinese painting. What landscape painting pursues is not just the technique, but also the feeling. When I read the Falun Dafa book, Zhuan Falun, I felt right away that this is a very good book. I have this feeling of how wonderful it would be if everyone in China and in the world studied Dafa. After I got rid of this attachment, my altitude became very peaceful. My paintings too reflect such peacefulness. Spirit and material things are one thing. Once my altitude changed my painting was cleansed. I feel then that my painting became freer and freer.

Reporter: Then, are you too becoming freer and freer?

Xiao: Yes, I as a human being I have become freer and freer. When they see me many of my friends feel I look younger and younger, and still full of energy. I had three painting exhibits. I got a proclamation from the Governor. I am a rather successful painter locally. After I started cultivation I treasured more and more what I got. In my daily life I was more and more considerate of other people. Though I knew a lot about how to be a good person before, after I started cultivation, I would use the standard of a cultivator to guide myself. Both my body and mind are being elevated in level. My body has never experienced great trouble. After reading this book, I just felt it was very well written. I did not have any feeling of doubt.

(To be continued…)

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