Weathering the Storm, Chapter 5 of Part Three

Zhong Fangqiong

PureInsight | November 8, 2004


Part III. Detained Eleven Times

Coming Through the Ordeals of Repeated Detention and Torture

Chapter 5: Clarifying the Truth

Clarifying truth at the entrance of a pictorial exhibition against Falun Gong
On June 8th, 2000, the local government opened a pictorial exhibition that defamed Falun Dafa at the Sichuan Province Exhibition Hall. In order to let more people see what is right and what is wrong so that they wouldn't be deceived by the lies, I wrote down my personal experience and made several copies of my article. On the morning of June 12th, I went to see Wei Daping, the policeman in the local police station, and told him "Here is some material containing the truth about Falun Gong. Would you like me to mail it to Beijing myself or would you like to submit to the leaders on my behalf?" Wei said, "You can just leave it with me." So I gave him two copies of my article, one for Beijing, and the other for people in the police station to read. He accepted the material.
From there, I went to the Exhibition Hall. I brought copies of a flyer I had made entitled "Clarifying the Truth and Urging the Clearing of the Name of Falun Gong" with me and handed out the flyers to the people who came to view the exhibit.

The police ransacked my home
On the afternoon of June 13, 2000, Wei Daping told me to come to the Wannian Police Station. Feng Jiuwei, an agent from Chengdu City's Public Security Bureau, interrogated me there. He kept asking me who wrote the flyer and how many copies of the flyer I distributed. I told him that I had written it myself. He wouldn't believe me. He didn't think I was educated enough to write so well.

In the evening the police ransacked my home. They confiscated a lot of my personal property, including Falun Gong books and tapes, a tape recorder, my ID card, and the mats that I used to practice the meditation exercise. I tried very hard to stop the police from taking away the Falun Gong books that Policeman Wei had found. Two policemen pushed me onto my bed and pressed my knees to the ground. One policeman grabbed onto my neck tightly and I could hardly breathe. Another policeman pushed one of his knees against my back and pulled my arms back around. My arms hurt so much that I thought they were about to fall off. I couldn't stop tears from flowing down my face. I felt very sad because I wasn't able to protect my Falun Gong books from the police. Other policemen surrounded my mom who was over 70 years old and tried to stop her from getting close to me. When she heard me cry, she pushed the policemen away so she could get a good look at me. When she saw me being pinned down by the police and that the police had found my Falun Gong books, she began to wail. The whole scene was miserable. The police wouldn't let my mom come closer to me. They shoved her to the living room and threatened her, "Do not move. It's none of your business." My mom said, "Her business is my business. You policemen are acting like outlaws!"

The police pushed me out of my apartment and dragged downstairs without letting me put my shoes on. My socks were torn off and my feet became badly bruised from being dragged. They threw me into a police car and locked me inside the local police station. After I got there, I cried until late at night because I was so distraught over the loss of my Falun Gong books.

The only thing I could do to protest my unfair treatment was to hold a hunger strike. The next afternoon, Feng Jiuwei, the agent from the Public Security Bureau, came to the police station and interrogated me again. I had no shoes on and my socks were torn. He said, "You don't look like a successful business woman at all. Some people might say that you are stupid. I say you are dumb beyond belief. Jiang Zemin says Falun Gong is not good, and you say it's good. You can just keep your opinion to yourself. Why do you have to say it out loud and act against the Communist Party? You are just asking for trouble for yourself." I told him, "I'm a good person. How can speaking the truth be called 'acting against the Communist Party?'" That afternoon, without filing the required paperwork, the police sent me to the No. 2 Detention Center in Chengdu City. Up to that point, I had already been detained 11 times.

After 11 days of detention, without any trial, I was sentenced to one year of labor camp. I was transferred to No. 1 Detention Center in Chengdu City. As soon as I got there, some inmates stole 400 yuan that I had on me. Prisoners who didn't have money were beaten black and blue all over their bodies. They could neither stand up nor shift their body positions. The guards did nothing to stop the prisoners from being beaten. The general store inside the prison sold things at prices that are at least three times that of the market prices.

After half a month, I was sent to the Zizhong Nanmusi Labor Camp.

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