Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party: Introduction

<i>The Epoch Times</i> Staff

PureInsight | December 13, 2004

More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union and Eastern European Communist regimes, the international communist movement has been spurned worldwide. The demise of the Chinese Communist Party is only a matter of time.

Nevertheless, before its complete collapse, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trying to tie its fate to the Chinese nation, with its 5000 years of civilization. This is a disaster for the Chinese people. The Chinese people now must face how they should view the CCP, how China may evolve into a society without the CCP, and how the Chinese people may recover and pass on their traditions and heritage. How the Chinese people answer these questions is of the greatest importance, not only for the Chinese people, but for peoples all over the world.

The Epoch Times is now publishing a special editorial series, "Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party." Before the lid is laid on the coffin of the CCP, we wish to pass a final judgment on it and on the international Communist movement, which have brought disaster to mankind for over a century.

Throughout its 80-plus years, everything the CCP has touched has been marred with lies, wars, famine, tyranny, massacre and terror. Traditional faiths and values have been violently destroyed. Diverse ethnic groups with their customs, traditions and social structures have been disintegrated by force. Empathy, love and harmony have been twisted into struggle and hatred. Veneration and appreciation of the heaven and earth have been replaced by an arrogant desire to "fight with heaven and earth." The result has been a total collapse of social, moral and ecological systems, and a profound crisis for the Chinese people, and indeed for humanity. All these calamities have been brought about through the planning, organization, and control of the CCP.

As a famous Chinese poem goes, "Deeply I sigh in vain for the falling flowers." The end is near for the Communist regime, which is barely struggling to survive. The days before its collapse are numbered. The Epoch Times believes the time is now ripe, before the CCP's total demise, for a comprehensive look back, in order to expose fully to the Chinese people and the world the unprecedented evil the CCP has done. Like a giant cult, the CCP has depended on its ability to control the minds of a great nation through a combination of force and fraud. We hope that those who are still deceived by the CCP will now see it clearly, purge its influence from their minds, extricate themselves from its control, and jump out of the shackles of terror, abandoning for good all illusions about it.

The CCP's rule is the darkest and the most ridiculous page in Chinese history. Among its unending list of crimes, the vilest must be its persecution of Falun Gong. In persecuting "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" Jiang Zemin set the CCP against conscience itself. The Epoch Times believes that by understanding the true history of the CCP, we can help prevent such tragedies from ever recurring.

The titles of the "Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party" are:

1. What is the Communist Party?
2. The Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party
3. The Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party
4. The Chinese Communist Party Opposes Nature
5. The Collusion of Jiang Zemin with the CCP to Persecute Falun Gong
6. The Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture
7. The Chinese Communist Party's History of Killing
8. How the Chinese Communist Party is an Evil Cult
9. The Chinese Communist Party, a Band of Scoundrels

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