Paintings by Falun Gong Practitioners: "In Harmony"

PureInsight | January 3, 2005

Oil on Canvas: "In Harmony" by Xiao Ping (47in X 69in), 2004

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[] This painting depicts a young woman in the fifth exercise of Falun Gong, "Way of Strengthening Divine Powers." The clear water and blue sky reflect her tranquility and a feeling of union with heaven while in meditation. The four "cultivated infants (celestial beings)" play amidst an energy field.

The painting "In Harmony" the state of "three flowers gathering above the head (sanhua juding)" mentioned in Zhuan Falun. This phenomenon occurs in another dimension when a cultivator reaches a high level of cultivation. According to Zhuan Falun, "These three flowers take turns rotating above one's head. They will rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise, and each flower can also rotate by itself. Each flower will have a big pole as thick as the diameter of the flower. These three big poles will reach all the way to the top of the sky, but they are not gong column—they are just in this form and are extraordinarily wonderful." (From "Heavenly Circuit" in Lecture Eight of Zhuan Falun.) Because only some of those cultivators with open Celestial Eye can see sanhua juding, I thought I would share this wonderful and sacred vision with my fellow practitioners.

From the composition's perspective, it is a challenge to have a large column in the middle of a painting. So when I came up with the subject of "three flowers gathering above the head (sanhua juding)," I decided to focus on harmony between a cultivator and heaven via sanhua juding. In order to bring out the depth and the breadth of the column of light, I painted the sea in the background. This way the cultivator in meditation and the light column above her head will be accentuated. I also painted infants from other dimensions to make the portrait more appealing and to take the attention from the straight line in the light column. These bubbly infants do bring a lot of life to the portrait. These infants do exist in other dimensions, except ordinary people are unable to see them.

Practicing Falun Gong's sitting meditation is a real treat for me. My legs may hurt sometimes, but it's nothing compared to the joy the meditation brings. When I put up both legs on top of each other, close my eyes, and enter tranquility, I am enveloped in very powerful and benevolent energy. It is such a wonderful and beautiful experience to enter the state of serenity and peace. I feel I am most beautiful when I am completely relaxed while doing the sitting meditation. That's when I feel I am not wearing any mask at all. I feel as if I have returned home because that's my true self.

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