Paintings by Falun Gong Practitioners: "Cultivation"

Kathleen Gillis

PureInsight | January 17, 2005

Oil on Canvas: "Cultivation" by Kathleen Gillis (32in X 57.5 in), 2004

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[] The brother and sister in this painting are reading Zhuan Falun, the book teaches about Falun Dafa cultivation practice. The rotating, red fog above is an expression of the book's enriching teachings. The book has been translated into more than twenty languages.

I wanted to create a painting with a homey feeling that appeals to western audience. There are two main elements in this painting: the red fog and my grandchildren. I once saw a photograph of a Falun Gong practitioner reading Zhuan Falun in public. In the photograph, I saw a red fog above his head. When my husband saw the photograph, he exclaimed, "Look at the face in the fog!" I was amazed by the miraculous moment captured by the camera. I didn't notice the face in the fog until my husband pointed it out. I decided to incorporate the red fog with a face into the home portrait of two children reading Zhuan Falun. Later a Celestial vision explained that the rotating red fog was actually a group of multiple Falun's spinning in circles. The rotating Faluns in a snapshot resembles a red fog. The face turned out to be a high-level being in cultivation. The two children in the painting are my grandson and my granddaughter. I took a photograph of them before I started to work on this painting.

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