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Luo Lingyin, A Teacher at Dong

PureInsight | February 14, 2005

[] I was glad to have had the opportunity to help conduct an experiment on buns in my class at Dongping Elementary School. I was astonished to know that water perceives and responds to human emotions after reading "Water, the Origin of Life(FSC-042)" on, but I was even more shocked of the results when I actually participated in a real experiment on buns, a simulation of Dr. Emoto's experiment on water crystals. I realized it was not just water that perceives human emotions. Buns, and probably all other things, also have a mind and can perceive human emotions.

Brief Summary of the Experiment
Time: February 17 through 27 of 2003
Location: Dongping Elementary School in Taizhong, Taiwan
Teacher: Luo Lingyin
Students: Class No. 10 in the fifth grade
Materials: White buns, three plastic containers and aluminum foil


1. Put three identical white buns in three identical plastic containers, and keep the three contains completely wrapped in aluminum foil throughout the experiment.
2. Divide them into three categories: Praise, Criticism and Negligence.
3. Each student in the Class No. 10 will do the following each morning as he comes to class: Say "You are cute" to the bun in the "Praise" category; say "You stink" to the bun in the "Criticism" category, and completely ignore the bun in the "Negligence" category.

Experiment Results (17 days later):

Bun exposed to praise:
Except three indistinctive fungi, the bun looks white and good.

Bun exposed to criticism:
There are many black spots of fungi on the bun. A small area remains white but green fibers of fungi have started to grow.

Buns completely neglected:
It is completely covered with black fungi fibers. It looks horrible.

~ ~ ~

It is incredible to witness that buns, which we normally consider "lifeless," could perceive our thoughts and emotions! The completely neglected bun was like a child that was abandoned and wrapped himself in a dark, small corner. There are many black fungi spots on the bun that was exposed to the message "you stink." It is like a child that has been called names. The uncharitable criticisms seem to have left indelible shadows on his mind, like the black fungi. As for the bun exposed to the message "you are cute," it remains white and clean, looking almost as fresh as on the first day of the experiment.

I feel the results of the experiment are a cautionary advice [to me]. I used to subject my students to austere and rather unkind lectures on morals. Although I am now learning to point out their mistakes in a kinder manner, I occasionally forget myself and lecture them uncharitably; every time afterwards,I immensely regret doing that.

I have now witnessed that even buns are capable of perceiving human thoughts and emotions, not to mention that these smart children in my class are capable of it. We all make mistakes. I should just point out these children's mistakes and ask them to do better next time. Why do I have to tell them off in a rude way? It is sometimes difficult, though, to find the appropriate manner and tone when I lecture my students. It is an ongoing lesson for me. I guess it is only through the continuous efforts of studying Falun Dafa books, reflecting on my speech and actions, and learning from my mistakes and trying to improve next time that I can truly upgrade my mind nature [xinxing].

Finally, please allow me to share with you some of the responses from my class.

Shengrong: It's amazing! The buns understood our words. We mustn't scold others or be indifferent to others from now on.

Xuanhao: I decided to be more affectionate with my friends so that they won't become as ugly as the bun covered with black fungi.

Jiawen: Even the buns understood our thoughts and emotions, not to mention people. I decided to be nicer to my older sister and see if she would become gentler.

Zhiwei: It is miraculous. I am a bit timid and I think it is because my older sister often scolds me. I'd like to tell my older sister the results of our experiment and ask her not to scold me any more.

Yuchun: After I have seen what happened to the buns, I feel ashamed for treating my younger brother badly. I will improve my manners from now on when I speak to him. I will praise him more and I believe he will become increasingly good.

Shengrong: Now that I have seen the bun we kept praising for 17 days remains white and beautiful, I think we shouldn't have to use any chemical preservatives in our food any more. I think sincere praise is the best and the most natural food preservative!

Source: Minghui School

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