Chinese Brush Painting: "Sleeping Beauty"

Zhang Cuiying

PureInsight | March 28, 2005

[] When Ms. Zhang Cuiying graduated from college and first started working, she felt very uncomfortable to see so many people fighting for their self-interest. She often thought to herself, "All the fame, personal gains and sentimentality will pass like a dream, a shadow or an illusion. Everyone is lost, fighting, struggling and killing for his or her own gain. How exhausting it is to live like that!" She painted the painting to express her wish to escape from society. But in reality, sleeping does not offer a real solution. Ever since the artist started to cultivate through Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong), she has benefited in both mind and body.

The poem in the painting:
All the secular pursuits are but a dream.
Rights, wrongs, success or failure will eventually turn into nothing.
Even a cat knows it is better off living without any pursuit. [1]
It is my napping buddy until the sunset.[2]

[1] The solitude implies that it is rare for today's people to live without pursuits.
[2] The sunset implies the end of life, meaning the author has decided to seclude herself from the secular world.

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