Shanxi Province Hit by 6,471 Lightning Bolts in One Day

Zhou Tong, Ed.

PureInsight | May 16, 2005

[] According to recent Chinese news reports, Shanxi Province was attacked by severe thunderstorms on May 4, 2005. Over the next 24 hours, the province was hit by 6,471 lightning bolts. The lightning killed three people and injured seven in Xianyang Region's Bin County and Sanyuan, as well as Yanliang Region's Guanshan Town.

According to the news, around 5:00 PM of May 4, five villagers in Alizhai, Xinming Town, Bin County fled into a deserted log in the forest to avoid the thunderstorm. All of them were hit by the lightning. Two died, one severely wounded, and the others suffered miner injuries. Around 6:00 PM, in Beifeng Village of Xiyang Township in Sanyuan County, a senior from a local middle school was hit by the lightning on her way home. The hospital was unable to save her life.

On the same day, four people in Guanshan Village, Yanliang Region were also hit by the lightning.

Editors' Note: There are many historic records in China of depraved or blasphemous people being killed by the lightning as part of their karmic retribution. These repeated karmic retributions spawned a Chinese idiom, "Do not commit wrongdoings or the god of thunder and lightning will hit you on the head."

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