For a Higher Truth: A Photographic Tale of Falun Dafa's Principled Resistance

PureInsight | June 20, 2005


[] This photographic collection seeks to convey the spirit, powerfully manifest in Falun Dafa, of a higher reality summarized as truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. For six years the students of Falun Dafa have labored, tirelessly, all throughout the world to end the wrongful persecution in China. Their feats of will and courage have stirred the souls of the watchful. Some of this has been captured by the camera and is now assembled here, in this exhibit, to serve as a historical record.

While China's Communist Party has waged against them a two-pronged campaign of brutal suppression at home and incriminating falsehoods abroad, students of Falun Dafa in every land have responded not in kind but with principled, nonviolent efforts meant to raise public awareness. They have answered ruthless persecution by humbly appealing, in every way felt wholesome, to the goodness and humanity in people. A shining example it is, we feel, that they have given to the rest of us. The pages of such a history are surely indelible.

The 140 images in this collection bring to life that indomitable conviction, that steadfast, unyielding faith in the higher reality of truthfulness, compassion, tolerance that is so transformative to the students of Falun Dafa. Here the goodness and beauty of the practice is captured as never before. We hope that the images may inspire, uplift, and ennoble you the viewer and many generations to come.

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