Two Modern Chinese Poems

He Hanxing

PureInsight | August 1, 2005


I. Pursuit
Exhausting the first half of my life, my talents and my wisdom
Utilizing my mind and all of my energy
In order to have a glamorous life full of tickets [1], hats [2], chairs [3] and women
In order to attain glory, as beautiful and fleeting as the rainbow
Finally I attained everything I have ever wanted
But I lost myself

[1] Tickets: A ticket refers to a ticket or an access to something, which denotes wealth, power or social stature.
[2] Hats: A hat is a common Chinese metaphor for receiving a praise or compliment. Therefore, it can be interpreted as fame.
[3] Chairs: Securing a chair means securing a job. Therefore, chairs hereby denote a successful career.

II. Eyes

A pair of eyes
See the immense world
Record the ancient and modern history
As well the Chinese and western history
But they do not see
Dust has piled up
In their owner's mind

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