Submissions to the Rescue of Children Orphaned by China's Persecution of Falun Gong: "Child, You Must Be Strong"

Jin Yue

PureInsight | August 15, 2005


Child, You Must Be Strong

Why is god omnipotent but allows demons to roam in the world?
Why are there more Buddhas than the number of grains of sand in the Ganges,
But they permit countless injustices and filth in this world?
Why do the kindhearted people fail to be rewarded?
Why do the villains seem to be always at large?

Every generation of people has asked these questions.
Every generation of people has had the same thought.
Child, no matter what has happened to you,
You must not succumb to bitterness or depression.

Without wandering through the desert,
One will not learn to cherish the sweetness of spring water.
Without the snow in the high mountains,
The snow lotus will not blossom.
Without the hideous and the evil,
How do you know the boundless compassion of the Savior?
Without tribulations,
You wouldn't have the desire to go to Heaven!
In the vast universe with infinite layers,
There are numerous wonderful paradises.
This small fleck of earth
Is nothing but the gods' laboratory.
Without going through the process of cultivation here,
You will not be admitted to the sacred and pure place.

Your life is a precious opportunity.
This world is a classroom for dedicated cultivators.
We learn to tell truth and sincerity from falsehood and pretension.
Because of the evil, we learn to cherish kindness.
Because we detest selfishness and bullying, we learn the importance of forbearance.
During tribulations we learn to temper our will.
When we fail, we do not give up hope.

During trials of different magnitudes,
We learn to reinforce [our righteous thoughts.]
Our human stains were purged in the cultivation practice.
Our divine splendor is revealed here.
A forbearing and compassion heart comes forward,
And is becoming increasingly pure
And increasingly righteous.
A man's life may be brief,
But it is no longer a dream to live an eternal life!

No matter what has happened to you,
Child, you must be strong!
Do not give up your sacred belief.
Do not abandon your longing for beauty.
The road to eternity is right in your feet.
Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is a bridge to the Heavenly Paradise!

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