The Law of Cause and Effect: Forgiveness is Rewarding

PureInsight | August 29, 2005

[] Ma Sen was a high-level government official in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 A.D.) His father was named Ma Jun. Ma Jun didn't have any son until at the age of 40. Therefore, Ma Jun and his wife treated their son like the treasure he was. When their son reached the age of four, he looked very handsome and adorable.

One day a maid went outside with the boy in her arms. The boy accidentally slipped from her arms and fell to the ground from a high place. The boy's left forehead touched the ground and he died instantly.

When Ma Jun saw his son's body, he immediately told the maid to flee. He held the boy in his arms and went inside. He told his wife, "Our son fell to the ground and died! It is my own mistake!"

His wife was shattered and heartbroken. She repeatedly knocked Ma Jun to the ground, and then went looking for the maid. She wanted to beat up the irresponsible maid to vent her anger, but she could not find her anywhere.

The maid fled back to her hometown and told her parents what had happened. Her parents were moved to tears by Ma Jun's forgiveness. They prayed to heaven day and night, hoping Ma Jun and his wife would be able to produce another heir.

Their prayer was answered. In the following year, Ma Jun's wife indeed gave birth to another son. He was born with a visible scar on his left forehead, resembling the injury of the dead boy. The newborn son was Ma Sen. He later advanced to a high-level position in the government.

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