Submissions to the Rescue of Children Orphaned by China's Persecution of Falun Gong: Lyrics "The Prayer of a Mother in Prison"

Lin Caidie

PureInsight | September 19, 2005


When my little girl was born into this human world safely,
The elderly folks in my village claimed that she came from a high place in the universe.
They said she is infinitely talented.
If they were right about her,
I hope that my little girl will quicken the pace of her journey and one day return to her home in the universe.
There are boundless tribulations and torments in the human realm.
My forced separation with my family is but one of countless tribulations.

I pray Heaven to watch over her
So that she won't harm other people for her own benefits.
I pray Heaven to be her guide
So that she won't be overcome with her attachment to fame and self-interest resulted from her talents.

I pray that she will have the courage and kindness that a Falun Gong disciple should have
So that even when she is frail or when she is getting up from a fall, she will not forget to help others near her.

Since I am her mother in this life,
I pray Heaven to bestow wisdom upon me
So that I can raise her with love and educate her with morality.

I pray Heaven to bring my little girl closer and closer to Heaven.
I pray that she will follow the Fa principle of great compassion
And never move away from it.

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