Traditional Chinese Culture: Providing Kind Assistance When Others Are in Need

PureInsight | January 30, 2006

[] Sun Xiushi was from the city of Daning in the Yuan Dynasty (1,271 – 1,368 A.D.) Sun was a resolute and determined man, and he enjoyed helping others.

Wang Zhonghe was from the same town as Sun Xiushi. Wang once asked Sun to borrow 2,000 dian (a monetary unit at the time) from a wealthy man on his behalf. Later Wang Zhonghe became destitute and was unable to clear his debt. Desperate, he abandoned his family and left town to avoid the debt holder.

A few years later, Wang's family members became ill because they missed him too much. Sun Xiushi had never complained about Wang Zhonghe for not returning the money that he had borrowed for him or for abandoning his own family in the darkest hour. Instead, Sun visited Wang's family and brought them rice and firewood daily. Nevertheless, his family members still felt very sad. Sun had a lot of sympathy for them, so he paid back the wealthy man on behalf of Wang and cleared the debt. He then brought the debt note to Wang's family. Next he had a servant locate Wang Zhonghe and bring him some money so that he could return home. In the end, Wang returned home and was joyfully reunited with his father and the rest of his family.

Everyone that heard about the story sighed and admired Sun Xiushi's lofty character.

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