The Law of Cause and Effect: Having an Extramarital Affair Ruins One's Good Fortune


PureInsight | February 6, 2006

[] Pei Zhang was a man from the Hedong region of Shanxi Province. His father was a good friend of a highly respectful Buddhist monk named Tan Zhao. Tan Zhao was very good at telling fortunes based on one's face. He once gave Pei Zhang a reading. According to Monk Tan Zhao, Pei Zhang had a full and round forehead and was going to be highly accomplished in his career.

Pei Zhang married a woman whose maiden name was Li. In the following year, Pei Zhang traveled to Taiyuan for his post, leaving his wife at home. A few years later, Monk Tan Zhao was astonished when he met Pei Zhang again. He exclaimed, "A few years ago, I could tell by your face that you were going to attain fame and wealth. How come your fortune has taken the turn for the worse? You used to have a full and round forehead, but now your forehead has receded! In addition, I can see black qi in your palms. All signs show that your life may be in danger. You'd better watch out. The drastic change in your facial features could only mean one thing: you must have done something immoral."

After he heard the warning, Pei Zhang began to reflect upon his conduct for the past few years in Taiyuan. He confessed that he had an extramarital affair in Taiyuan and insisted that he had not done anything else that betrayed his conscience. Monk Tan Zhao sighed and told him, "You were supposed to have a wonderful future, but you didn't cherish it. By having an extramarital affair, you have destroyed your good fortune. What a pity!"

Shortly afterwards, Pei Zhang met a deadly disaster as Monk Tan Zhao had predicted. While he was taking a bath, one of his subordinates assassinated him by slitting his abdomen open. All of his organs spilled out before he died.

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