I Do Not Belong To Your Family

PureInsight | May 18, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Xiao Ai is a
young woman who lives in a Chinese village. One day in 2004, when Xiao
Ai saw a fellow villager, Niu Er, walking past her house, she suddenly
uttered, "That man is a dead man."  Upon hearing what she said,
her parents were very frightened.  They stared at her and scolded
her, "Don't talk nonsense.  You might offend people and that can
get us into trouble."  

Xiao Ai felt that she was wronged.  Before going to her room to
hide, she said to her parents, "You will see the truth in two days".

Xiao Ai was 17 years old that year.  Before she predicted the
death of Niu Er, Xiao Ai had talked about a lot of strange
things.  She even told her parents, "I do not belong to this

At first, her parents didn't take her very seriously. They thought that
Xiao Ai had grown up and learned to crack jokes.  They asked her,
"Your mother definitely gave birth to you. How come you do not belong
to our family?"

Xiao Ai seriously replied, "What I said is true."

After that, she repeated the same comment so many times that her
parents felt that there might be something wrong with her.  So
they tried to persuade her to have a medical check-up at the
hospital.  She refused to do it.  The parents were angry with
her and wanted to force her to go to the hospital.

Xiao Ai ran away.  

Xiao Ai used to be an obedient girl.  But her temperament changed
when she turned 17 years old.  After she ran away, her parents
became very worried and asked many neighbors to help look for
her.  They looked for a whole day but could not find her. 
Everyone eventually gave up and went home.   

It was getting dark when Xiao Ai appeared before her parents.  Her
parents were both happy and angry. They asked her, "Where have you been
hiding? We couldn't find you anywhere."

Xiao Ai said, "I hid myself among the bushes on the other ride of the
road. I saw many people coming and going.  I was too frightened to
make any noise."

After that, her parents no longer dared to talk about taking her to the
hospital.  They stopped paying too much attention to those strange
things that Xiao Ai talked about.

Two days later, Niu Er suddenly died.  After the funeral, Xiao
Ai's parents made the following conclusions: first, death is
predestined.  Secondly, Xiao Ai not only was not suffering from
any disorder, but she was much clearer in mind than many normal people.

From then on, the parents paid more attention to what Xiao Ai
said.  They asked her, "You have told us that you do not belong to
this family.  Then where is your home?"  Xioa Ai said, "I'll
take you there."

Then Xiao Ai took her parents with her on a journey.  It was the
first time that she had ever traveled far from home. They went to a
town where even Xiao Ai's parents had never been before.  But Xiao
Ai was so familiar with the place that it looked like she was walking
in her native hometown.  They walked towards the edge of the town
and found a household living there.  A woman, the owner of the
house, was working in the field.  Xiao Ai was happy to see her and
walked up to her. She said, "I belong to your family."

That woman was more shocked than surprised. She asked Xiao Ai, "You are
a child, don't talk nonsense."  Xiao Ai was serious. She insisted,
"I really belong to your family."  

The woman was touched by the sincerity of Xiao Ai's family and invited them to her house.

Xiao Ai said, "The house had been renovated.  It did not look like this 17 years ago."

The woman replied, "That's right."

Xioa Ai said, "Your son was sentenced to death and shot for killing somebody 17 years ago."

The woman replied, "That is right."

Xiao Ai said, "He had two younger brothers."

The woman said, "But all people who live nearby now about these things."

Xiao Ai said, "After he committed the murder, your son staged the crime
scene. He cut down a pine tree and put the body beside the tree, trying
to make people believe that the death was caused by the fall of the

The woman replied, "That is true. It truly happened like that."

Xioa Ai said, "He hid the ax, which has not been found to this day."

Xioa Ai went looking for the ax and found it immediately. The ax was
rusty.  The woman and the parents were very shocked by her

Xiao Ai, "After I died 17 years ago, I came across an old grandma, who
offered me a bowl of black herb tea.  I could not manage to drink
it all and threw most of it away. I don't remember what happened next."
She then pointed to her parents, "The next thing I knew, I arrived at
their home."  

"Well, that means that you were my eldest son in your previous life." The woman smiled.

Xiao Ai seriously replied, "No, No.  I was Huaer from your home.  I saw your eldest son hiding the ax."

The woman said, "Oh yes, I loved Huaer the dog very much." (Note: Huaer was the name of the family dog)

The two families became friends. Xiao Ai visited the woman's family frequently.

Xiao Ai's experience made people in her village believe in
reincarnation. The soul of a human will never die.  When a person
dies, only the shell of the human body dies.

Note: The above is a true story. The names of the people involved have been changed.

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