Is It Possible?

Ora Bat Chaim

PureInsight | May 21, 2006


Sleeping during the days

Sleeping during the nights

Lifting mountains and rivers in the dream

Rearranging them differently -

Is it possible?


Treading and treading

On the same spot

looking for a change -

Is it possible?

Wandering around

Looking for excitement

Buying, selling,  

Has it changed us?

Day after day

Busy all the day,

In the evening

Eating and falling asleep

In front of the TV -

Did we have any thought of

Gaining a new life?


Who am I?

Who are you?

Where are we going?

Can we understand ourselves?

Really listen to others?

Do we want to change?

Do we want to know why we are here?

Do we want to wake up?

What is the purpose of our life?

Have you ever been looking for an answer?

Give it a thought.       

I found the answer

How to be a good person.

With high morals

Listening to others

Being considerate of their opinions

Being honest with myself

And honest with others

Be tolerant and truthful with compassion.


We all need

Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance

Me and millions around the world

Became good people

With healthy body and healthy mind

Cultivators of an ancient practice

By the name of Falun Dafa

Based on the Great Law of the Universe

Truth Compassion Tolerance


It is worthy for you to know

Falun Dafa is great

Written for world Falun Dafa day 13/5/2006

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