Celestial Climate and Human World: How Could a Rooster Lay Eggs?

Wenlong Yu, Editor

PureInsight | June 5, 2006

[PureInsight.org] People are
bound to feel surprised when they hear that roosters can lay eggs, but
are reminded of it as a sign of impending catastrophe. Ancient Chinese
people believed strange animal behavior can foretell what will happen
in the human society. The following story is recorded in a book called Zuo Zhuan.

During the reign of Emperor Jing during the Zhou Dynasty, Bin Qi, a
royal counselor, saw a rooster bite off its own tail and thought it was
a sign of impending disaster. At that time, the emperor had a son, Zi
Chao, who was loved much by the emperor. The emperor and Bin Qi were
secretly plotting to put this son on the throne, but before they
succeeded, Emperor Jing died of sickness. Three princes fought for the
throne and the country fell into great chaos. Eventually, Bin Qi was
killed and Zi Chao was defeated and fled to Chu Country. Jing Fang's Yi Zhuan recorded: "It began but had no end. The demonic rooster bit off his own tail."

Recently, a strange thing happened in Mainland China. According to the
news report, on March 18th, a rooster that wears a splendid crown and
has golden red feathers broke the peace of Fengji Tun, Luhua village,
Shuangshan Town, Shuangliao City. It was reported that the rooster had
laid one egg each for ten days already.

On April 1, in order to verify the happening, a reporter drove to see
the Li family who owns the rooster. In a small low henhouse built of
mud blocks, a big rooster wearing a brilliant crown and golden red
feathers was standing inside the nest made of a cardboard box crowing.
On the straws under it was an egg with some manure on it. "This is the
rooster that lays eggs. It laid another egg just now, less than a
minute ago." The lady said while picking up the egg.

She said that around 9:30am on March 18, she went to the henhouse to
have a look. Through the gap in a basket she saw the rooster sitting in
the nest with its mouth open breathing hard. Suddenly, the rooster
stood up and stretched its neck hard, then an egg with warm steam
slipped down from the rooster's bottom. "Did the rooster just lay an
egg?" She was completely astonished. She rubbed her eyes and hurriedly
picked the egg up; it was even lukewarm.

Over the next six days, this "rooster" continuously laid one egg each
day. It did not try to hide from people either as it laid the egg. An
81-year-old man in the village couldn't believe it was true, so in the
morning of March 25, he came to Li's house and sat on the wooden stool
next to the nest. Finally when an egg slipped out the rooster, he
clapped with surprise, praising the rooster as "capable." Later on, the
reporter also witnessed the miracle of this rooster laying eggs in

It is said that this "rooster" has been at Li's household for 3 years
and is absolutely a rooster. It not only takes the important
responsibility of reporting daybreak every day, but has also fertilized
many hens in its family and neighbors. The seed eggs for hatching
chicks were also mostly its "work." Many villagers believe it is a
rooster because on its two feet, there are hard two centimeter long
back claws. The back claws are unique to roosters and features that
hens don't have.

According to experts of Institute of Animal Science, Jilin University
of Agriculture, there are indeed sex-reversal phenomena in animal
world. It is relatively more common among amphibians but has never been
observed in birds and mammals before. As to the rooster's laying eggs,
it has yet to be explained by science. So far, there are no other
written records of a rooster laying eggs in the world.

Early this year, the noted human rights lawyer Gao Zhicheng noticed
that roosters in his hometown crowed at night instead of morning. It
can be said that Yin and Yang have totally turned upside down. With
just one glance at the natural and man-made disasters that have
occurred frequently in China this year, one would know that the harmony
between heaven and earth has been broken. It is a reflection of the
societal atmosphere in Mainland China where most people don't
distinguishing truth from falsehood, good from evil.

When an incredible thing such as a rooster laying eggs happens, sadly,
today's people only try to explain it from the perspective of science.
They have totally forgotten how ancient Chinese would view such a
phenomenon. Significant events will happen in the world, and the
elimination of the CCP by heaven is one of them.

Translated from:  http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/5/21/37792.html

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