Story from History: Peng Jiao Returned the Gold Bracelet

PureInsight | October 1, 2006

[] In the Eighth
Year of Tianshun during the Ming Dynasty (1464 A.D.), a scholar named
Peng Jiao traveled from his hometown of Ji Shui to the to the capital
city to participate in the imperial civil service examination. His
manservant and he stayed at a hotel one night. Someone from a room
upstairs poured a basin of water down to the ground. A gold bracelet
dropped on the ground with the water.  Peng Jiao's servant picked
it up and put it into his pocket without telling anyone.

Ten days later, Peng Jiao had used up all his money.  The servant
took out the bracelet and told Peng Jiao about where it had come
from.  Peng Jiao wanted to immediately go back to the hotel to
return the bracelet.  The servant said, "If we go back, we may
miss the date for the test."  Peng Jiao said, "This must belong to
a woman.  If it remains lost, her parents might suspect that she
had given it to a secret lover. She might kill herself if her family
puts too much pressure on her."  They hurriedly went back to the
hotel.  As expected, a maiden had lost the bracelet and was
planning to commit suicide.  By returning the gold bracelet, Peng
Jiao saved her life.

Afterwards, Peng Jiao hurriedly went on his journey to the capital
city.  He was not able to reach the capital by the original date
of the examination. However, during the test, the test site caught
on  fire and many people died.  Consequently, the imperial
test was rescheduled to a day in August in the same year.  Peng
Jiao received the highest score during the August examination. 

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