Have You Heard About Holiday Wonders?

Zander Zhou

PureInsight | December 17, 2006

What if the oriental world and western world spoke the same language,
and what if the cultural gems could be treasured across nations with no

This used to be a dream, but not anymore. Holiday Wonders, a show to be
staged on Broadway in Manhattan before Christmas, will bring us an
unprecedented experience. With music and dancing presenting the essence
of untainted, genuine Chinese culture, it also offers seasonal western

This show is hosted by NTDTV, which has produced the highly-acclaimed
Chinese New Year Gala show for the past three years. In fact, the New
Year's show was ranked among Billboard Magazine's top 10 shows in
February of 2006. For the first time, prior to its New Year's show in
26 major cities around the world, NTDTV will launch the Holiday Wonders
show exclusively at the Beacon Theatre during Dec. 19-24.

So, what makes the Holiday Wonders show unique? Some of the more notable aspects are:

1)    The essence of Chinese culture. Similar to
previous Chinese New Year's shows, Holiday Wonders aims to bring
genuine Chinese culture to the audience. With an all new line-up, the
superb performances will include many components such as divinely
beautiful dancing and traditional music, as well as exploring numerous
myths and legends. All of these are the soul of the 5,000-year-old
Chinese culture.


2)    Pure heart. Giora Feidman, who played the clarinet
solos for the score of the film Schindler's List, will also join the
Holiday Wonders performance. He was very impressed by the selflessness
and harmony of the team. Feidman referred tovthat as "clean mind." As a
matter of fact, from the costume preparation to the stunning projection
screens, such a pure heart is seen everywhere, and solely to bring the
best culture and performance to the audience.   

3)    A fusion of the east and the west. Humanity, as
well as genuine art, is beyond geographic segmentation or language
barriers. This can be seen from the Holiday Wonders show. From the
essence of Chinese culture to western classics, the show will bring
happiness and tranquility to all, something touching our hearts and to
be cherished in our mind.      

December is a season near the dawn of a new beginning, that is, a time
for blessings. Here a miracle is coming, and you can find it at

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