Stories from Buddhism: Huineng's Supernormal Ability of Precognition and Retrocognition


PureInsight | December 17, 2006

[] As the
reputation of Huineng, the sixth patriarch in Zen Buddhism, became well
known in Guangdong and Guangxi, many monks and lay people as well as
high officials and eminent people were eager to hear his words on
Dharma. As Huineng's name became more and more respected, monks of
Shenxiu's School of Northern Zen Buddhism in Yuquan Temple were
extremely troubled. Although Shenxiu himself hadn't paid any attention
to it, his disciples were disconcerted and wanted to make trouble for
Huineng. They thought of many ways. One monk by the name of Zhiming had
an idea. He said he had a layman friend called Zhang Xingchang, who was
fond of helping victims of injustice and had excellent martial arts
skills. They could use him to give Huineng a lesson.   

Although they felt it wasn't a good way, they couldn't think of any
other means. So they told Zhiming: "Just go through the motions to warn
Huineng to be more conservative and do not make things out of control."
Zhiming went to see Zhang Xingchang and told him many negative things
about Huineng and told him to teach Huineng a lesson. Zhiming promised
Zhang ten lings (A ling is 50 grams) of gold as a gift when he had
carried out the assignment.  


After packing his travel bag, Zhang Xiangchang hid a sharp knife in his
clothes and pressed forward day and night towards Caoxi.  As
usual, Huineng taught Dharma in the temple. He saw a person with
thoughts of killing under the spacious clear sky and hurried towards

Huineng knew right away what was going on. He didn't say anything and
continued to teach Dharma. That night, Huineng hung ten lings of gold
on a chair besides his bed and left his door unlocked. He blew out the
candles and went to sleep calmly.

Zhang Xiangchang hid outside the Baolin Temple. When evening arrived,
he climbed over the fence and entered the temple. After waiting for two
more hours, he then pushed open the door of abbot's room gently. He
heard even breathing coming from a window. As he raised his sharp
knife, he remembered Zhiming words not to make too much trouble. So he
put his knife down. He then thought that since he was there, why not
take care of it more thoroughly. He thought if he killed Huineng, they
might give him more gold.

Just a momentary slip without considering the serious consequences,
Zhang had an evil thought and took a big stride forward. He raised the
sharp knife and stabbed at Huineng's neck. Hearing a sound, Zhang felt
like his knife was striking a stone. His knife sprang back and his palm
went numb. Without giving it a second thought, he stabbed at Huineng
two more times, but he was repelled both times. When he was ready to
strike again, Huineng said: "You nervey scoundrel, why are you still
holding that killing knife! A righteous sword will do no evil and evil
sword will not do a righteous act. You are being used by others to
assassinate a decent person. How could you harm me even a little? I
owed you only ten lings of gold and do not owe you a life!"

Zhang was stunned and hastily threw his knife on the ground. He knelt
on the ground and bow repeatedly, asking for forgiveness. He said he
was willing to become a monk to serve Huineng for the rest of his life.
Huineng handed over the gold to him and said: "Leave here quickly. If
my disciples find out you are an assassin, they will hurt you. If you
wish to become a monk, come back some other time in a different
outfit." Zhang thanked him tearfully. He became a monk later.

On July 1, the second year of Tang Xuanzong (713 AD), Huineng gathered
all the monks and told them: "I will be leaving this world in August.
If you have any questions, ask me now." After a few days, a monk asked:
"Grand Master, will there be a calamity later?" "After I pass away,
someone will try to steal my head. What will happen? A monk from Xinluo
will want my head to honor me. He will hire a poor person by the name
of Zhang Jingman to steal my head. But Zhang will be caught and tried
by two officials named Yang and Liu."

On August 3, Huineng stopped talking. He sat straight until after midnight, then said: "I am going!" He passed away peacefully.

Was Huineng's head stolen after he died?

According to historical data, nine years after he died, a monk from
Xinluo by the name of Jin Dabei, who heard of Huineng's reputation,
thought of getting his head to honor him. He thus hired a person by the
name of Zhang Jingman to steal Huineng's head. Zhang Jingman was a
dutiful son and destitute. In order to support his elderly mother and
his family, he promised to steal the head.  But when he went to
the Baolin Temple, the affair fell through and he was arrested. It was
just like Huineng's had predicted, two officials in charge of trial had
the last names of Yang and Liu.

What is Precognition and Retrocognition? Zhuan Falun
says: "It is that someone is able to tell another person's future and
past. With a strong capability, one is able to tell the rise and fall
of a society. With a greater capability, one can see the law of all
cosmic changes. This is the supernormal ability of Precognition and
Retrocognition." Many prophecies in history, such as: Centuries by Nostradamus, the Frenchman; Notes Left by Ge An by a Korean; and Tui Bei Tu
from the Tang Dynasty all made accurate predictions of what happened in
history. These authors actually possessed the supernormal capabilities
of precognition and retrocognition.

They predicted what has happened in the world today. These prophecies
also predicted heaven will soon eliminate the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP). Falun Dafa practitioners have such a clear understanding of the
tremendous change in the cosmos that they make great efforts to spread
the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
to persuade people to quit the CCP and its associated organizations in
order to establish a bright future for people of the world.

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