Electromyographs Measure Human Energy Fields

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PureInsight | February 18, 2007

[PureInsight.org] In his well-known book The Holographic Universe
(1991, Harper Collins, publisher), theoretical physicist Michael Talbot
discusses the work of Valerie Hunt on energy fields. He writes:


          "Over the past
twenty years Valerie Hunt, a physical therapist and professor of
kinesiology at UCLA, has developed a way to confirm experimentally the
existence of the human energy field. Medical science has long known
that humans are electromagnetic beings. Doctors routinely use
electrocardiographs to make electrocardiograms (EKGs), records of the
electrical activity of the heart, and electroencephalographs to make
electroencelophalograms (EEGs) of the human brain's electrical
activity. Hunt discovered that an electromyograph, a device used to
measure the electrical activity in the muscles, can also pick up the
electrical presence of the human energy field." (Page 175)


From this, Hunt came up with the idea to make electromyograms (EMGs) of
people's energy fields. Hunt confirmed the existence of the energy
fields with this apparatus.

This ties in with what is said in Zhuan Falun:
"A qigong master has gong, I have participated in an experiment, and
many other qigong masters have also undergone this experiment to
measure their energy. The material elements in gong can be detected by
many present-day apparatus." (Lecture Two) Perhaps EMGs are one of the
devices used in our present day scientific and technological community
that can measure the material elements in gong.


Talbot goes on to describe more of Hunt's findings with respect to
energy frequencies found among different people. One example supports
the hypothesis that thinking primarily about topics from the mundane
world specifically lowers one's energy. He writes:


of Hunt's most startling findings is that certain talents and abilities
seem to be related to the presence of specific frequencies in a
person's energy field. She has found that when the main focus of a
person's consciousness is on the material world, the frequencies of
their energy field tend to be in the lower range and are not too far
removed from the 250 cps [-cycles per second] of the body's biological
frequencies. In addition to these, people who are psychic or who have
healing abilities also have frequencies of roughly 400 to 800 cps in
their field." (Page 176)


Thus in cultivation we are asked to not be too attached to things in
the changing temporary world such as pay raises, xinxing frictions, and
so on, because it occupies us with the mundane world and has a literal
and demonstrable adverse affect on the level of our energy and our
energy level. In this way, mind intent and topics of thought are shown
to be intrinsically linked to one's energy and thus one's level. People
with lower level supernormal abilities are said here to have
frequencies between 400-800 cps. However, higher level folks have an
even higher frequency, as Talbot relates:


"People who have frequencies above 900 cps are what Hunt calls mystical

"Using a modified electromyogram (an electromyogram can normally only
detect frequencies up to 20,000 cps), Hunt has encountered individuals
who have frequencies as high as 200,000 cps in their energy fields."
(Page 176)

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