Stories from Buddhism: Huikan

Mu Mu

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] Shi Huikan
was born in Que and lived in the Grand Guishan Temple in Jiangzhou. He
was well known for his ability to communicate with spirits and ghosts.

Huikan respected the statues of Buddha as though they were real. He did
not even dare to sit in front of the standing idols of Buddha;
therefore, he told people to make sitting idols of Buddha. Later on,
Huikan went to southern Fujian to cultivate dharma and had
enlightenment. When he was living in the Xixia Mountain, he went to
Yangdo to pay his respects to Master Si, who received him with special
decorum. When Huikan finished the visit, Si asked him to demonstrate
his magic power. Hukan reached his arms out of the window and took off
the horizontal inscribed board from the Qixi Temple. He told Si:
'Ordinary people don't have far sight and would be shocked by seeing
this, so I will not do it anymore.'

It was the first year of Daye of Emperor Shuiyang when Kuikan returned
to the Grand Guishan Temple. On the day when he was going to die,
Kuikan gave his three sets of clothes back to the monks and said: "I am
going to die, you should cultivate yourselves well." Then he went back
to his room. The monks were anxious and followed him to the room, where
they saw a complete skeleton sitting cross-legged on the bed. They
shook the skeleton but it was stable and did not scatter.

(From the Legends of Holy Monks, vol. 5)

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