Chinese Medicine vs. Western Medicine

Song Chenguang

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] Nowadays, the
field of medicine has advanced so much that we are amazed at the
instrumentation: CT, ultrasound, MRI, and electronic microscope. 
These instruments can easily detect changes in the molecular level, but
also help to develop more effective treatments for many microorganisms
and viruses.  Many diseases are not problems of a single cell, but
of an entire tissue, an entire system, or even many other systems
connecting with this system.  Thus, it is not because Western
medicine is not good, but because it has not broken through the plane
of the molecules. As a result, it cannot take care of the entire system
or the combination of many systems.

Human beings are created by gods. The human body is very complex and
cannot be duplicated. Therefore, when human beings want to study the
human body that is created by gods, they need to study the materials
beyond the microscopic level that cannot be understood through our
research: namely the molecular system and the submicroscopic systems.
And that is also the reason why modern science still cannot eradicate
cancer and AIDS and other dreaded diseases.

Chinese medicine was passed on by gods and has its extraordinary
characteristics. It has god-given abilities and can penetrate the plane
of the molecules, concerning both the minuscule and the whole system,
and the combined managing capability of  many systems. 
Chinese medicine follows the principles of ying, yang, and the five
elements. The applications of herbs, acupuncture, massage,
chiropractic, qigong, and others are all based on yin and yang. 
Ying and yang can be big or small.  Once you know how to apply
ying and yang, you can work from macroscopic and microscopic
levels.  Chinese medicine has the concept of Heaven and human
beings assimilating to each other. When you follow the principles of
Chinese medical, ying and yang, you are connecting to Heaven or gaining
the assistance from Heaven. For that reason, you can often get better
results with Chinese medicine when treating terminal diseases. 
Since ying, yang, and the five elements are characteristics of all
beings and materials in this universe, human beings will be healthy
only if they assimilate to Heaven and comply with the principles of
Heaven.  If the illness is localized, then apply the movements and
changes of ying and yang to that area.  In that way, Heaven takes
care of it and the patient can regain health.  This is similar to
reciting the formula while exercising, so one can have reinforcement
from an enlightened being.

The physicians of Chinese medicine have to follow the ways of Heaven,
to know the rules of ying and yang, and to maintain moral standard. The
more one can assimilate to the ways of Heaven, the more help one can
get from Heaven. There were many extraordinary Chinese physicians in
the ancient times.  People were amazed at their marvelous skills.
And that came from their noble characters.

I personally know many Chinese physicians who practice Falun Gong have
something in common.  They said, “After practicing Falun Gong,
they have compassion in their heart when treating patients.  They
were surprised at the results with their treatments for patients. 
So much better that they could not believe it themselves.  Because
Falun Gong practitioners follow the principles of the universe to
cultivate, they become people with higher moral standards.

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