A Few Words on Energy Channels

Song Chenguang

PureInsight | October 28, 2007

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energy channels always gives people a feeling of something mysterious.
Western medicine once considered energy channels to be the nerves and
blood vessels, because energy channels often follow along the nerves
and blood vessels. Some people think energy channels are non-existent
because they can not be seen during dissection. The physical existence
of energy channels was discovered later with the use of radioactive
isotopes. People still do not have a clear idea of their patterns.
Nowadays people have a new understanding of energy channels and
consider them to be independent of the nerves and blood vessels.

This writer considers that the human body is composed of two types of
materials, matter and super-matter. Matter refers to the molecules in
this human space such as flesh and blood, tendons, and hairs, etc.
Super-matter refers to things such as energy channels and the soul that
exist in the five internal organs and do not belong to this space.

Contemporary medicine often carries out research at the molecular
level. Since the gods also create the matter at the molecular level,
humans can do research in this human space forever and will not find a
definitive answer. Some scholars like Albert Einstein perceived the
existence of God and became believers.

Energy channels are linked to the viscera. The viscera are the
residence of the soul. Traditional Chinese medicine speaks of the
spirits of the heart and the liver, the will of the kidneys, the valor
of the lungs, and the mental activities of the spleen. The regulation
and control of energy channels not only have effects on the body, but
also the spirit. When one's mind recuperates, so will one's body. Mind
is also a material. It is a metaphysical material, a more refined

Traditional Chinese medicine originated in Taoism. Buddhism, Taoism and
deities have different names but are of the same realm. Taoism talks
about promoting blood circulation by invigorating vital energy. So do
some Buddhist schools. When people start cultivation, the first thing
will be the connection of the two energy channels, ren and du, which
forms the small heavenly circuit. When the small heavenly circuit is
connected, all illnesses and ailments will cease to exist. Later, one
might open up the great heavenly circuit. When the great and small
heavenly circuits are opened up, one can absorb higher energy from the
universe. The energy will fill that person's body and change the body
structure. One can become supernormal.

So what is the essence of energy channels? Gods create energy channels.
They are passages to heaven. Many cultivation methods can open up the
heavenly circuits. To open up the small or great heavenly circuits will
take several decades of arduous cultivation, even one's whole lifetime.

Over twenty five hundred years ago, Sakyamuni said that there would be
a Tathagata or King of the Golden Wheel descending to this human world
to save people. According to the Buddhist scriptures, Udumbara flowers
blossom once every three thousand years. If a Tathagata or King of the
Golden Wheel appears in the human world, this flower will manifest due
to their great virtue and mighty blessings they bring to the human

Now Falun Dafa spreads around the world. The cultivation of Falun Dafa
is different from other cultivation methods. Falun Dafa cultivation has
stayed away from using one energy channel to drive hundreds of other
ones but instead makes all the energy channels move simultaneously and
all energy channels operate in synchrony. One who assimilates to the
characteristic of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,
will quickly achieve a realm that other cultivation methods will not be
able to achieve in several decades or even one's whole life time.

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