Stories from Buddhism: Xuan Zong

Mu Mu

PureInsight | June 3, 2007

[] Shi Xuan Zong
was born in Yongjia. His original surname was Wu. Xuan Zong became a
monk while still a child and he had generous air. Xuan Zong cutivated
in the Baoshou Temple at Mount Yongding, where Master Changjing was his
teacher. After being initiated into monkhood, Xuan Zong started to
wander to other places. First, he went to pay his respects to Master
Langchan in Jianglin. Then he went to the Mount Zijin in Shouzhou,
where he found it pleasant, and stayed in the temple on the mountain.

There were reports of violence related to a tiger on Mount Zijing. Some
merchants were killed and some woodcutters were attacked. After Xuan
Zong took up residence there, traces of the tiger disappeared and no
one feared going into the mountains. One day, when Xuan Zong was
explaining the Buddha dharma, an old man came forward and knelt down to
show respect. When Xuan Zong asked who he was, he answered: "I was the
tiger in the mountain and ate many people. Because the master helped
free me of the evil, I have been reborn. Now I am coming here to
express my appreciation." In an instant after he finished that
sentence, he disappeared.  

In the second year of Dali Period, Xu Zong died at age of eighty-six.

From the Legends of Holy Monks, volume 8

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