Stories from Buddhism: Shi Xuan Zao

Mu Mu

PureInsight | June 10, 2007

[] Xuan Zao's
original family name was Lu. She was the daughter of An Gou who was a
resident of Wujun. Xuan Xao was very sick when she was a teenager and
did not get any better even though she tried many medicines. The master
monk, Shi Fa, of Xuantai Temple told An Gou: "I am afraid that the
sickness was caused by the evil force, so it can not be cured by
medication. In my opinion, the person would be saved if she/he
converted to Buddhism and pledged his/her confession. If you and your
daughter were to give up your lives in society and concentrate on
Buddhism, the sickness would be cured." An Gou agreed with Shi Fa.

Therefore, An Gou had a worship site set up at his home, took a shower
and changed into clean clothing. They knelt down in front of the statue
of the Buddha and chanted the Buddhist scriptures. During the night of
the seventh day, it was seen that a golden being that was several feet
tall stroked Xuan Zao's body from head to toe three times. Xuan Zao
immediately felt light and did not have any sickness at all. Then Xuan
Zao pleaded to be converted to Buddhism and later cultivated in the
Grand Xuantai Temple.

From the Legends of Holy Nuns, volume 2

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