Traditional Culture: One Must Pay Back One's Debts

PureInsight | July 1, 2007

[] During the
Ming dynasty, Wang Yanxu, a boatman from Taiyuan, borrowed one ling 8
qian of silver from a wealthy man. Wang died before he paid back his

One day, the wealthy man saw Wang Yanxu, with a white band tied on his
waist, walking into the cattle pen. Moments later, someone told the
wealthy man that a cow had given birth to a calf. The wealthy man went
to look and saw the young animal had a white line on its waist.

When the young calf grew up, the wealthy man told his cattle man to
sell the animal for one liang 8 qian. A butcher bought the cattle for
that price.

Later, a farmer saw the calf was very strong and healthy. So he offered
the butcher 2 ling 6 qian for the animal. The calf was good at plowing
and didn't need any care for it.  But one day, the farmer was very
sad to find the animal was dead.

The farmer found out later that the calf had been sold by the wealthy
man for only one liang 8 qian. He asked the wealthy man why he sold it
for such a low price. The wealthy man said: "Because Wang Yanxu only
owed me one liang 8 qian."

Upon hearing this, the butcher was enlightened: "Wang Yanxu owed me 8 qian. That was why I sold the cattle for 8 qian more."

Later, the farmer also realized suddenly: "I once owed Wang Yanxu money. Now I have paid it back."

Every one all signed with the marvelous preordained fate.

Heaven balances every thing, without the slightest error in the cause
and effect. When one seems to gain certain advantages, he needs to pay
back towards the end. When one harms another, one will repay

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