Priceless Treasure

PureInsight | July 20, 2007

[] There was famine in Germany one year. A rich person
invited 20 poor children to his home. He said to them: "Each of you can
pick one piece of bread from the basket. From now on, every day at the
same time you can come here and take bread until the famine is over."

The children grabbed the basket and fought for the biggest piece. After
they got the bread in their hand, they left without saying "thank you".

Only a poor girl named Francis in neat clothes stood shyly on the side.
She waited for everyone to finish before she took the last smallest
piece left in the basket. She thanked the owner and went home.

The second day, all the children did the same as previous day. They
showed their eagerness to get the bread like hungry wolves trying to
catch food. Poor Francis got the smallest piece of bread which was not
even the half size of the others. But when she got home and her mom cut
the bread, a bunch of shiny new silver coins fell out.

Her mom was very confused and said: "Please return the money
immediately since these coins must have been put into the bread by

Francis sent the money back. But the giver said: "No, it is not a
mistake. I did it on purpose, putting money into the smallest piece. I
wanted to reward you, my child. Remember, a person who will take the
smallest piece of bread rather than fighting for bigger ones will gain
luck that is better than the silver coins in the bread."

The virtue of unselfishness is a priceless treasure. It makes one's
heart and soul elegant and saintly. Others care about this gracious
behavior and admire our virtue more than we do ourselves. An unselfish
person will gain others' love and thus will have a happy and wealthy

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