A Fairy Tale: A Conceited Rooster


PureInsight | August 26, 2007

[PureInsight.org] There was big
rooster that crowed every day and was very cocky. One day when the
rooster was strutting around, he met a duckling. The big rooster said
proudly: "Little duck, Tell me who has a more pleasant voice than I?
Besides me, you probably not going to find anyone who has a voice more
pleasant to listen to."  Looking at the rooster, the little duck
said: "You stay in your chicken coop every day and never go out to see
the world. Those wild geese will go traveling tomorrow. Why don't you
go with them?"  "I can't fly. What should I do?" "It doesn't
matter. You just ride on their backs"

"Hey, look! There is a wild goose carrying a chicken on his back!"
"That is really interesting." People were amazed to see a rooster
traveling with geese. They kept flying and flying and finally arrived
at a big pond. The geese landed and were busy feeding on fish. The
rooster had nothing else to do so he began to crow. Upon hearing the
rooster's crowing, a swan in the pond started to sing. It was the first
time the rooster had heard the singing of a swan and thought it came
from the birds from the trees.

"I am here," the little swan called out.

The rooster then saw the little swan, crouching not too far away, staring at him, "Who are you? Was that you singing just now?"

"Of course it was I. Let me and my companions sing a song for you."
Then swans started to sing. Their singing was so beautiful that the
cicadas also chirped to join in the fun.

When the geese finished feeding, they continued their journey. They
flew far and reached a great forest. The rooster was intoxicated by the
various birdcalls in the forest, sounds he had never heard before. What
was that gurgling sound? Full of curiosity, he came to the source of
the sound. It was the sound of a running stream and a waterfall. The
clear and sharp sounds from the waterfall reverberated in the forest.
It sounded so splendid. Accompanying that splendid sound was the
rustling from the breeze fluttering the trees.

The rooster was so enthralled that he didn't want to leave, but the
geese urged him to continue with their journey. When they arrived at a
seaside, the rooster was terribly frightened by the sound of the ocean
waves. Then he saw sea gulls freely roaming in the sky and cheerfully
making calls. The wild geese sang with them happily. Their clear and
sharp sounds reached far away in the sky. The rooster realized then
that the singing sound of geese was very pleasant.

In the course of his journey, the rooster had heard various sounds of
nature. When he returned to his pen, he was no longer egotistical.

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