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PureInsight | September 6, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Zi Gong, a
well-known disciple of Confucius, asked,  "What has one to do in
order to meet the standard of an ordinary person?"

Confucius said, "One must know what shame is and do nothing that is
shameful. When going to other states with a mission, one must
accomplish it. In this way, one meets the standard."

Zi Gong asked again, "May I ask what the next level is?"

Confusius, "He is praised as a good son among his own clan. The people
in his township respect him as an elder. He is also kind and friendly
to his brothers."

Zi Gong said, "May I ask what the next level would be?"

Confucius said, "He can keep his promise and is decisive, even though
he is shallow, ignorant, and stubborn like a villain. He, too, can be
considered an ordinary person."

"What do you think about the public officials of today?", asked Zi Gong.

Confucius said, "Well, those people have very little knowledge and are intolerant. How can they be ordinary people? "

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