Stories from History: Zhaopingjun's Ransom Fails


PureInsight | September 13, 2007

[] Zhaopingjun's
mother was Princess Longlu, younger sister of Emperor Han Wudi, and his
wife was Princess Yian, daughter of Emperor Wudi. When Princess Longlu
was seriously ill, she gave Emperor Wudi one thousand liang of gold and
a large sum of money and said to him: "If Zhaopingjun commits a capital
offense later, I ask you to grant his freedom from punishment with this
money." The Emperor agreed.

After Princess Longlu died, Zhaopingjun killed a person when he was
drunk and was imprisoned. The official in charge reported this affair
to the Emperor. Some people said to the Emperor: "The imperial court
accepted ransom money earlier and Your Majesty has promised to pardon

The Emperor said: "My sister had only one child and she did make such a
request before she died." Tears running down his face, the Emperor
sighed for a long time and said: "The law was established by our late
Emperor, how can I transgress it because of my sister? If I follow her
request, how can I face my ancestor?" He thus instructed the official
to carry out the execution according to the law.

All parents love their children and hope they will have lifelong
happiness. But if they don't have good fortune, as in Zhaopingjun's
case, their parents' wish will not be fulfilled.

From Han History

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