The Escape Route is the Road to Ruin

Qian Zaiyun

PureInsight | September 19, 2007

[] Not long ago,
a middle school teacher told this story. A parent of one of her
students is a senior official in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
When the teacher talked to this senior official about the future of the
student, the senior official spoke openly that his wish was for his
child to go abroad to study and become a U.S. citizen. He said that the
CCP was to corrupt and the party would not last long and could collapse
any day. Many CCP officials are escape routes for their children. 

Although high officials in the CCP always tell citizens to love their
motherland and rebuke capitalism in order to create hatred towards
capitalism and to sway them to stay away from it. But they secretly
send their children to the capitalist countries. They transfer all
their assets overseas and built luxurious projects as escape routes in
the capitalist countries that they curse unceasingly.  

In 2003, Gu Qinglin, a member of CCP Standing Committee of Political
Bureau and the Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative
Conference, sent his son, Gu Jiangguo, to Australia to become a citizen
of that country. Recently, Ceng Qinghong, a member of CCP Standing
Committee of Political Bureau and the Chinese Vice President, sent his
son, Ceng Wei, to settle down in Australia before the Seventeenth Party
Congress and take up the Australian citizenship. Nowadays, the CCP
officials, one after another, look for escape routes for themselves and
their families. It is not a secret any more that they have made
arrangements for their children overseas and transfer unknown huge sums
of assets overseas as well.

Looking back at history, constructing escape routes was not started
yesterday. The most famous example was the construction of the Great

Emperor Qin Shihuang used the whole country's efforts to construct the
Great Wall, intending to build fortress for his descendants. Qin
Shihuang thought that once the Great Wall was constructed, his
descendants would have a strongly fortified country and his empire
would last throughout the ages, generation after generation. But his
country only lasted for two generations. His dynasty was overturned
only a little over a decade after his son took over the throne.

This reminds me of a story. During the reign of Emperor Shengzu in the
Qing dynasty, there was a new candidate, Zhang Tingyu, who had just
passed the highest imperial examination, He wrote a poem on the Great
Wall: The Great Wall is only a great display and can not used to defend
against foreign enemies. It is like the dream of a great hero. 
When the Emperor visited the Great Wall and saw the poem, he not only
didn't get angry, he made an announcement that the Qing dynasty would
never build any great wall. He also entrusted Zhang Tingyu with an
important task.

Emperor Shengzu knew that the Great Wall didn't protect the descendants
of the Qin dynasty nor the Ming dynasty that continued to construct the
wall. It didn't help establish the so called the foundation for
generation after generation. The most important thing to build the
foundation is to win popular sentiment.  Those who won the popular
sentiment united the country and ascended the throne. Popular sentiment
is truly the Great Wall. Qin Shihuang built the Great Wall and it
didn't guard his dynasty. Emperor Shengzu didn't build any wall, but
his rule emerged as one of the most brilliant times in history. This
makes people ponder deeply. The construction of escape routes by the
CCP officials is like building the Great Wall. They all come from
citizens' sweat, toil and pain. These officials got their property by
corrupt means and it will only deepen people's hatred towards them and
lose their trust. The rulers of the CCP are walking into a precarious

Looking from history, the construction of a retreat route is the road
to ruin. When Qin Shihuang built the Great Wall, he had lost people's
support. When the Great Wall was erected, his dynasty collapsed. When
the CCP officials complete their escaped routes, it is the day for the
CCP to collapse. When the CCP collapses, those unidentified huge
fortunes of officials like Gu Qinglin and Ceng Qinghong will be enough
to put them in prison, even be executed. Their children, no matter
where they hide, will face investigation and sanctions by the law.

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