Light from the Flame

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | October 28, 2007


One Flame Alight

One flame alight

traversing many shores

nations finding conscience

from heart and eyes long closed.

Come worlds to awaken

the sanctity of life

against China's inhumanity

and its coldest betrayal.

The hour beckons

a torch to raise high

solemn a tearful courage

together the promise fulfilled.

Bearing word to song

our voices like sabre

shine here to horizons all

with this one flame alight.


Light, to long the embrace

shining from heart and beyond

distance, no measure

darkness, no shadow

one fire unfettered

come miniscule the sun

such worlds never to wane.

A spark inside every star and sphere

can we see without our eyes?

Fruits aside from its labours

perennial, not captive between

dawn and any twilight hour.

Here, through winters

refusing to fade with a flower

be quelled throughout the Ages.

Behind our frames

words restless and all

my song, my cadence

light, too long the wait

for this embrace.

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