Story of Reincarnation: Why My Patient Was Suffering from a Liver Tumor

Shan Yan

PureInsight | November 25, 2007

[] I used to own
a clinic and have seen all kinds of strange diseases. I was deeply
impressed by one patient whose story made me profoundly believe in
reincarnation. Here is his story.

In the middle of July 1995, a patent came to my clinic to see me. He
looked quite sick. He was the chief architect of a well-known
architectural design company that he owned. He told me his liver tumor
came back after the operation. I touched the area and felt a hard
object bigger than an olive. The tumor did not shrink even though I had
given him several treatments. I decided to use the special sleeping
treatment to find the cause of the disease.

Several minutes after he went into sleep, he said, when he was seven
years old, while climbing a tree in the backyard of his home in Hong
Kong, the tree branches hurt his stomach at the location of the liver.
But he felt he was floating in the air very soon and traveled in light
passing numerous mountains and lakes. Suddenly he saw an old monk
standing in front of an ancient temple, facing a big army of soldiers
led by a general wearing armor, who was none but my patient. From his
description of the military flag, I think it was sometime during the
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.). At the time, he was going to lead his
army to attack a nearby city, but the monk was trying to persuade him
not to, because he would suffer retribution in the future for killing
innocent people in the city. But he wouldn't believe it or listen to
the monk. At that time, a messenger arrived on a horse and briefed him
about the city's situation. The general ordered his troops to march
into the city at once, totally ignoring the monk's words. Then, my
patient saw them in front of the city. He saw how the general ordered
the soldiers to set up the scaling ladders and how the soldiers climbed
up the ladders carrying weapons such as spears and shields. But,
because the city's defending soldiers were very brave, the war lasted
for quite some time. Suddenly, an arrow came from nowhere and hit the
general in his liver in the exact location of his tumor today. He could
hardly bear the pain (my patient felt the sharp pain too). The attack
had to stop due to the general's injury and the army retreated.

The general was carried into a clean tent. Soon, led by a soldier, a
man in a long gray gown walked quickly into the tent. He was carrying a
medicine case with him. He used anesthesia on the general, cut off the
tail of the arrow, and took out the arrowhead. Blood rushed out, but it
was soon stopped with the help of the medicine. Several days later, the
entire army retreated. The general recovered and served the Emperor in
the royal court for the rest of his life. He died of a recurrence of
his arrow wound at the age of 57. When he died, he felt he was floating
on the ceiling surrounded by gentle lights, seeing his body lying on a
big beautiful painted bed embroidered with flowers and birds and
covered by a light green blanket. His wife and son of that life time
were kneeling down before his bed, crying their heart out.  

After describing this scene, he said he died of liver diseases during
all of his following life times and, every time, he entered into the
surrounding light when he died. I woke him up. After he was completely
awake, he told me that everyone in his family, from his father on,
believed in Christ and was a sincere Christian. If he had not witnessed
his past lives for himself, he would never believe in reincarnation. He
added that he realized that one really could not do bad things.

Just as is told in the numerous stories from history about karmic
retribution, we can see from this story that one will suffer
retribution for the bad things that he/she has done. If one life time
is not enough, the retribution will last several lifetimes, regardless
of whether he/she was the commander or the executor of bad things.

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