A Snapshot in Time: Things Exist That Can’t Be Seen

By Xin Zheng

PureInsight | November 10, 2008

[PureInsight.org] In 1995, at the beginning of winter and soon after I obtained the Fa, my uncle died unexpectedly of heart disease.

At that time, according to ordinary people’s custom, a son needed to keep a vigil beside his father’s coffin. At that time, my uncle’s best friend also came to help with the funeral.

Because I had just obtained the Fa, I was not very clear about high-level Fa principles. However, I was very eager to spread the Fa because it is so good. We sat together to share about the profound mysteries of life.

After I told them how wonderful Dafa is and the meaning of life and death, my uncle’s friend told me a story he had experienced. One year he was very sick and in the hospital. One day, he fell into a coma. Suddenly, he felt he was floating and felt very good. He could see himself lying on the hospital bed in the coma and doctors and nurses running around giving him emergency treatment…

He remembered nothing after that.

After he regained consciousness he found he was back in the hospital bed. His family members told him that they had thought he was going to die…

What he told me was worthy of thinking about. It is believed that a human being’s flesh body is just like a layer of clothing. You can only reveal your true self after taking it off. Ordinary people have said that people have a soul and there are divine beings in heaven. It is probably true.

What he told me about what he experienced is also worthy of thinking about. Fame, sentimentality, and gain are nothing, and only cultivating virtue is the most important thing in life.

I remembered what my sister-in-law told me. She said that people were forced to drink muddling soup when they came to this secular world, so that they could not remember any previous things.

It is true that this secular world is lustrous, dazzling and complicated, and people fight with each other constantly. Many, many years of karmic relationships are difficult to resolve.

We should believe in unseen things based on objective facts. Please do not get lost in the delusion in this world.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/9/24/54984.html


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