The Shaping of a Nine-Year-Old Child

Zhang Shaoying

PureInsight | December 3, 2007

[] Our son is a
fourth grader. He is near-sighted and cannot see the blackboard
clearly. We went to talk his teacher a few times and finally it was
arranged for him to sit in the front row.  After a while, he
seemed to want to say something but he stopped.  We thought that
he was just a little child and did not try to question him. But
recently his grandfather told us something startling: our son has been
under severe pressure and has suffered a great deal. Here is the story
about our son.

After his seat was rearranged, he shared a desk with a classmate whose
father is a policeman. His classmate bullied him often and sometimes he
cursed or beat our son. He forbad him to tell the teacher or us. He
told our son that if he had told anyone, he would be beaten so badly
that he would not be able to get up from the ground. One day, our son
could not stand it any more and said that he was going to tell his
grandfather. His classmate said, "My father is a policeman and he can
kill your grandfather with one bullet. If you tell your grandfather, I
will find someone to fix your grandfather and make your whole family
suffer." Our son was terrified and never protested again.

After hearing the story, we were shocked. Grandfather said, "You cannot
imagine that his classmate is only nine years old. However, he is
rotten to the core. For example, he tore up our son's book for fun
until the entire book was all torn up. Our son was very anxious to tell
the teacher. His classmate immediately tore two pages of his own book
and said that our son tore his book first. Zhaozhao, our son, could not
do anything about that." We were astonished that his classmate had
learned to be so wicked at such a tender age. Where did he learn all
this? In addition, whenever our son brought something good to school,
his classmate would take it and say, "Yours is mine, but mine is still

After school, his classmate would kick our son's bicycle to the ground
because our son was in his way. For several days, our family was not
very happy about the entire affair. We wanted to tell the teacher and
were afraid of the retaliation to our son. We wanted to ask the teacher
to change the seat for him but could not think of a good reason. His
grandfather advised us to talk to his classmate's parents. We shook our
heads. Nowadays all the policemen are villains. To go to them to
complain is looking for trouble indeed.

My wife and I both are laid-off workers and we do not have any
relatives who are officials. My wife shed tears while repairing our
son's torn-up book and complained that I did not get to be an official.
At that time, she tried to persuade me to be a party member but I
refused. She said, "If you were a party member, our son would not have
to suffer like this." I said, "You know very well what the party is
like and everyone curses and hates it." My wife then was silent. I have
always resented the training and indoctrination of the party culture.

I was very perplexed why my son's little classmate became such a
rascal? Who taught him? In order to find the answers, I went to school
and saw a chubby little boy. From his appearance, he looked somewhat
lovable instead of being wicked. I was even more confused.  I went
to school a few times to pick up our son and saw him every time.
Finally one day, I saw his other side. He was arguing with a child in a
higher grade and half a head taller than he. At that time, there were a
few other children around him to back him up. He slapped the bigger
child hard on the face and said, "My dad is a party member!"  The
taller child ran off fast. But I was dumbfounded for a few minutes.

On my way home, I could still hear "My dad is a party member!"  I
suddenly knew who taught the little child to be so wicked. Then I
understood better the meaning of those Falun Dafa practitioners who
risked their lives to persuade people to quit the party and its
affiliated organizations. In front of my eyes, the words from the
posters on the street corners flashed: The Chinese Communist Party is
the root cause of the misery of China; elimination of the CCP means
rebirth of China!

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