A Story of Comeuppance or Life as a Cow

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | April 14, 2008

[PureInsight.org] In the 5th
year of EmperorYonghui in the Tang dynasty, there was a place called
Goujiazui (meaning the entrance of the Gou family) to the southeast of
the capital city.  In this place there was a spring that seemed to
have a soul. The leader of the village was named Cheng Hua.

In the Fall, when it was the time to collect the tax on charcoal, a
charcoal worker gave the tax money to Cheng Hua as he supposed to. But
this worker did not recognize any Chinese characters since his family
was so poor that he had never been able to go to school. Thus he did
not ask for a receipt from Cheng Hua. Later on Cheng Hua asked for
charcoal tax again from him, he was very confused and said that he had
already handed in the money to him. However, Cheng Hua said: "If I
already received your money, please show me your receipt." The Charcoal
worker said: "I don't recognize any character. You said that I don't
need it at that time. So I did not ask for it. Why do you ask me to pay
again for the tax?"

Cheng Hua who did not believe that people do get their comeuppance
swore: "If I have already gotten your money, I will become a cow of
yours after I die." The worker was very upset and gave Cheng Hua money

No more than 3 to 5 months later, Cheng Hua died suddenly. Soon
afterwards, the cow in the charcoal worker's family gave birth to a
calf. Its body was all black except for two white characters on the
forehead: "Cheng Hua." People all knew that it was Cheng Hua
reincarnated. Cheng Hua's son and daughter wanted to buy the little
calf back with a lot of money. But the worker would not agree to that.

Source of the article: "Fa Yuan Zhu Lin"

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