Paintings by Falun Dafa Practitioners: Illumination

PureInsight | May 4, 2008

[] Editor's Note: A new series of paintings by Falun Dafa practitioners will be exhibited in art galleries around the world. PureInsight will introduce these works starting from today. Please send your feedback and your requests for exhibit information to


"Illumination," oil painting, by Chen Xiaoping, 30"x36" (2005)

As a gentle, outer light shines downward, a different, invisible light — that of spiritual illumination — shines into the mind as a woman studies the teachings of Falun Gong. The child, resting serenely under one arm, signifies the harmonious balance that can be found between a rigorous spiritual life and regular family life. The gentle repose of the child mirrors the inner world of the follower of Falun Gong.

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