It is Just That Simple to Prolong One’s Life

Song Chenguang

PureInsight | May 6, 2009

[] Some medical professors think that a person’s longevity is determined by their genes at the exact moment when the egg is fertilized.

When a person is over 30 years old, the aging process starts, just like the sun going past its zenith at noon time. Hypothesizing as to the reasons that human cells grow old, some experts have proposed the “Program Theory” and the “Hypothesis of Error Accumulation.”

The “Program Theory” hypothesizes that human cells will stop proliferating after 50 to 60 rounds of division. The tissues or organs, which stop regenerating, will start to age and to have decreased functionality. The telomeres, which are located at the two ends of each chromosome, control how many divisions a cell can have. They become shorter and shorter as a cell divides more and more. When they shrink to a certain length, cell division will stop and life will end.

The “Hypothesis of Error Accumulation” proposes that errors occur because of DNA damage caused by X-rays, UV light, oxygen radicals, and other harmful matter during the DNA replication process when cells divide. As errors accumulate, abnormal proteins are produced and cause decreased cell function. Eventually, cells cannot divide anymore and show the signs of aging.

Some scientists hypothesize that cells may be able to live forever if one can reverse the enzyme that hydrolyzes the DNA telomeres. However, no one knows how many generations of diligent efforts it will require to reach this goal.

While modern science is still searching for the answers, interestingly, the ancient Chinese knew the way to prolong life several thousands of years ago. In “The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine,” there is an article called, “The discussion of the number one truth of ancient times.” In this article, the Yellow Emperor talked about true beings, extraordinary beings, saints and solon beings. Solon beings are at the lowest level. Yet they are still harmonized to the Dao (the principle of the universe) and thus harmonize their lives with the universe and have long life spans. Modern medicine has discovered that human cells have a life span of 2.4 years and can divide 50 to 60 times. Thus, the maximum life span of a human being should range from 120 to 170 years. The Yellow Emperor said that solon beings can live to the limit of human life. It should not be limited to only 170 years, should it?

Maybe what has been said in “The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine” is not sufficient to convince people who believe in modern science. However, not too long ago when studying the gene expression conditions of white blood cells from Falun Gong practitioners, some researchers of modern science discovered that the white blood cells from the practitioners live 5-10 times longer than those of normal people. Therefore, their life can be prolonged. Falun Gong practitioners often look younger than those who are in the same age group. The older the age group, the more obvious the effect.

Modern medicine also proposes that there is trash in every person’s cells. All the trash comes from two sources. One kind comes from the outside—from sources such as radiation, similar to the “Hypothesis of Error Accumulation.” The second source is from spiritual or mental causes. For example, a person loses his temper and wants to do bad things when facing high levels of mental stress. Then, bad materials can form inside the body and contaminate the cells of the human body just like the pollution of water. But many experiments have shown that a Falun Gong practitioners’ body has very little or even no trash. This suggests that cultivation of Falun Gong can purify the human mind and allow the body to reach transparency.

In addition to Falun Gong practice, the world-class Shen Yun Performing Arts group, which is currently on a world tour, presents the genuine and pure kindness and beauty of Chinese traditional culture that was passed down by Gods. Almost everyone who has watched the show has experienced wonderful and indescribable feelings. Such feelings are actually a reflection of life being purified and revitalized.

If one worries about the “Program Theory,” one should practice Falun Gong. If one is afraid of the “Hypothesis of Error Accumulation,” please go and watch the Shen Yun Performing Arts show. One day you will say, “It is just that simple to prolong one’s life!”

Published on January 24, 2009

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