Insight on Life: Awaiting Life

Fa Sheng from Guangxi Province

PureInsight | December 21, 2009

[] The road winds through the mountains; cars speed forward so quickly they seem to fly over them.

All roads lead to scars, wounds meeting the eye on every side, weathered rocks and earth, and slender twigs. In the wind there is a sobbing voice. I seem to be hearing the mountains crying and lamenting.

They have taken roots since being created. For tens of thousands of years, lives have been filled with revere for heaven, earth, and nature. They have always been protecting the water and soil.

People today cut into mountain and destroy the forests and have created atrocious scars all for profit. But they still wait patiently and painfully. It is because they know: The road bears the steps of Dafa practitioners. They are witnessing the gospel passed on by Dafa practitioners.

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