‘Shen Yun is Coming’

Rong Xin

PureInsight | May 11, 2011


Lord Buddha is here on earth. With boundless mercy he sweeps out corruption and darkness creating a new universe, and yet another legend is in the muddy world.

Shen Yun Performing Arts is a miracle!

The first year there was one company; the second year brought two; the third year Shen Yun had grown to three companies. So many genius artists there are now, an unparalleled Eastern and Western orchestra, a top world-class backdrop. Has anyone ever accomplished that before?

The scenes Shen Yun brought to the stage, like heaven displayed on earth.

To Shen Yun’s merit, everyone praises its profoundness, but no one can understand its whole meaning… Why is this?

Dafa disciples, we know! We know that it is because of “Master!” It is Master himself who is saving sentient beings; it is Master who gives us opportunities to fulfill our vows!

What we have not done right, Master forgives us. What we have lost, Master found for us. The path we have not gone down, Master lets us try again and again. So what about all of the long-awaiting sentient beings?

“Shen Yun is coming!”

“I just want to tell you the best news in the world!”

The moment I had this thought, the sky became clear, peppered with floating colored clouds.
Walking the street as if given a warm welcome, people with gratitude and joy, they want to go out to spread the news… “Shen Yun is coming!"

People honor me with “glory”… because sentient beings are waiting in hope. That was Master’s blessing! Looking up at Grand Master, my heart was moved… All sentient beings are waiting, “Do not forget me.” The whole world is looking forward to having another “full house.” Only Dafa disciples can bring the message to them!!!

Eyes filling with tears, deep in my heart I call aloud, “Shen Yun is coming!”


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/4/1/73211.html

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