Say No to Temptation

Bei Wei Tian Yu

PureInsight | August 1, 2010

[] My ex-girlfriend contacted me recently. She was studying at nursing school. In July, she was coming to my city for an internship. She thus needed a temporary place to stay. She called me and asked if she could live at my place. I said it was no problem. However, when I thought it over, I felt it was not the right thing to do because I only had one bedroom. Later, I changed my mind. I then told her, “Sorry, I don’t have room for you.” Later, I learned that she had relatives in this city, so it shouldn’t be a problem for her to find a place to stay.

It can be said that sexual freedom causes human morality's fast downslide. It ruins the family and marriage. Should one drift along with the current or should one stick to traditional Chinese moral standards? I know that when you lose, you will gain; to gain, you must lose. This world follows the law of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition: where there is black there is white; where there is good there is bad; where there is compassion there is evil; where there is reward for good deeds there is retribution for evildoing. When one indulges his desires, he will surely be punished in life; if one can uphold righteousness, be sincere and value virtue, he will surely be rewarded in life.

For an ordinary person who gives in to temptation, what can he accomplish? Even if he has many so-called “achievements,” every time he indulges his desires, doesn’t he hurt others? Compared to the pain he causes other people, those so-called achievements are nothing. As a result of indulging desires, retribution will knock at his door when least expected. Eventually, one will drink the bitter wine he has brewed. When that time comes, will you be looking up to heaven from hell?

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