Poems: ‘Eternal Fa,’ ‘Plum Blossoms,’ ‘Why be Jealous?’ and Others

A Western practitioner

PureInsight | April 13, 2011


Eternal Fa

Time Eternal,
         Endless Voyage
Fleeting moments,
        in delusion
Lost is nothing
        to a Buddha
Cultivate yourself,
Dafa never
        leaves the heart
Swayed be not
        by demons bounding
They will catch you
        when you fear them
Faith in Master
        not be shaken
Stirred emotion,
        human thought!
        what's beyond it?
These desires,
        must be severed
Fa Eternal,
        lies before you...
Cultivate it,
        wasting naught.

Plum Blossoms

There are many wicked ways,
        spawned from Satan in these days,
He was vanquished,
        as you know,
Is no more,
        who runs the show?
Master guides us
        through the snow,
Steeped in Fa
        we learn to grow.
Plum Blossoms.

Why be Jealous?

Why be jealous
        of your brethren
Lust not after
        what's not yours
All you have had,
        past and present
Will be granted,
        Master's wish
Cultivate yourself,
        fulfill it
Helping Master
        right the Fa

Willow Tree

At long last
        the willow tree passed
Cultivation... rising,
        through the mist
Tribulations abound
        a pause, reflect
Strengthen your thought,
        may it be Righteous
Demons beware,
        a cultivator walks the Earth
Fully melt into the Fa,
        Lotus Flowers forming
The stage is deftly being set,
        for others yet to follow

Spread Widely Once Again

Through the Ages, the Law Wheel Turns,
At Zhongnanhai, the Evil Spectre's minions still rein free,
Afraid of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance,
Slandering Dafa's name.

Persecuting Benevolent Beings,
The Dark Minions' Last Stand.
A final effort they make,
to drag Us through the mud.

Benevolent Thoughts, immovable like Mountain,
Forbearing Mind, so hard to disturb.
With Zhen-Shan-Ren in Mind,
Comes unequivocally a Clear Future.

Resonating with the Fa, we look within to find our shortcomings,
Clarifying the Truth to the World's people,
Master asks us to do the Three Things well,
Study Fa with a Calm Mind, find Enlightenment Within the Fa.

Firmly Rooted within the Fa, our Minds become As One,
The One Body of Cultivators, our Song heard all across the Globe.
In the Heavens as on Earth, the Fa Rectifies all wrongs,
Master guides us, wanting nothing in return, The Fa Spread widely Once Again.


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